Warning: Your Cellphone is Frying Your Brain!

It’s one of the biggest cover-ups of all-time… cellphone radiation.

Big Government and cell phone companies are doing everything they can to hide the effects.

But the truth is starting to leak…

  • An Italian court just awarded a man with a brain tumor monthly payments for the rest of his life.
  • One expert study just showed “40% of cells taken from mobile phone users show DNA damage.”
  • The World Health Organization recently declared that cellphones damage your memory,  your hearing, your skin, and yes, even your genitals.
  • And now more than 15,000 studies show that radiation emitted from phones has an adverse effect on human tissue.

And cellphone manufactures know it…

Due to the levels of dangerous radiation coming out of your phone, Apple and other manufacturers must legally tell you to never hold the phone to your body when in use. Of course it’s buried in the fine print.

But you don’t have to be a victim. There are ways that you can protect yourself and still stay connected in the 21st Century.

In our exclusive report, “The Silent Killer: Cell Phones Linked to Brain Tumors” we reveal the one thing you must do now to reduce your daily radiation exposure. And it includes bonus tips to lower the non-stop radiation blast from your smartphone.

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