The Ultimate Time-Management Tool

We’ve long said it’s our biggest enemy.


Lots of folks have pondered the subject. Songs have been written about it. Films have been made. And scores of books have tried to tackle the topic.

But nothing works.

Time can’t be stopped. It’s an enemy that can’t be beat.

Perhaps, then, we must look at it differently.

As we promised yesterday, we plan to use a few essays over the coming weeks to study our leading problems through the unique lens of our beloved Triad.

You’ll soon see it’s a worthy effort… certainly worth your time.

An Odd Resource

You see, the thing about time is that we love to waste it and we often beg for more.

Much time has been wasted on a couch on a Sunday afternoon. Much time has been wasted waiting for things to change. And a whole lot of time has flittered away as we wander down the wrong path.

But when it comes to things like money, health and love… there’s not a second to waste.

With enough time – the ultimate resource – any man can reach the richness he yearns for. But most, sadly, run out of time long before reaching their goal.

It’s why we lean on an old idea from a man who spent a lot of time thinking. “Time is a created thing,” the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said many, many years ago. “To say ‘I don’t have time’ is like saying ‘I don’t want to.’”

That’s certainly not a fresh idea. We’ve all heard it before. You must make time, we’re told.

But how? There’s lots to do and not much time to do it. How can we possibly get it all done?

That’s where the Triad comes in. Our Liberty, Know-How and Connections will set us free.

Free Time

First, Tzu gives us a great hint at what it takes to be good time managers. He says we must “want” to do it.

What do we want to accomplish… and why?

That’s where our Liberty comes in. By focusing solely on the ideas that will lead us to Liberty, there’s no way that we won’t get more done.

Think of it as a sort of filter.

We pour in everything that we think needs done. There’s time for watching a new series on Netflix… time in the garden… time with our grandkids… time mowing the lawn… time spent researching investments… the list goes on.

But which of those items will lead us to our ultimate goal of a life on our own terms… a life of Liberty?

That’s for you to decide. We certainly have our own opinions.

Write down the ideas that match your goal and toss out the rest. Either throw them away for good or find somebody else (keep reading) to do them.

Once we know what we want to do, we need the ability – or Know-How – to get it done.

This is a tough one for us.

We’re quite stubborn. If we don’t know how to do something, we try and try until we get it right. It makes us quite experienced… but it wastes a lot of time. (We spent over two hours making several trips to the hardware store last weekend.)

This is why it’s important to set your list of priorities and stick with it. That way, when you have “time to waste,” you can use it to build Know-How that will get the job done.

Of course, we think investing is perhaps the strongest example of the idea.

Nobody is born a great investor. But we can all master the art… given enough time.

Like we said, time is an investor’s greatest asset. A single year’s worth of returns can have huge effects down the line. That’s why it’s vital to spend as much time building your investing Know-How as possible.

The same is true for any task you want to tackle. Prepare and learn… then tackle it.

The Ultimate Time Management Tool

The easiest way to get the job done, of course, is by tapping our Connections. Don’t try to tackle time on your own. It won’t work.

Instead, learn to be a master delegator. Like we said, when a project or idea doesn’t fit your goals, hand it to somebody else. It may cost you money, but if your goals are properly aligned, the time saved will be much more valuable.

And never be afraid to tap an expert. They don’t have to do the project for you, but they surely can help with the Know-How.

Again, investing comes to mind. You don’t need to follow an expert’s every word, but having access to many ideas and many solutions is always valuable.

Connections, we’ve long found, are the No. 1 way to get more done.

We hope you see what we’re doing here. We’re using the proven framework of our Triad to think through and solve some of our toughest problems.

There’s no doubt time is a fierce enemy. But our Triad is a mighty hero.

By viewing what ails us from a fresh angle, we can see new ways around our obstacles.

Time is just one example.

We’ll cover many more.

P.S. We’ve got a quick question for you: What problem has Manward Digest helped you solve? We’re working on a project, and your answer will help us frame some ideas. Drop us a line at

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