This Timeless Survival Skill Is What Separates Lions From Zebras

African lions have an amazing trick.

It’s a trick that ensures they remain at the top of the food chain and reign supreme over their land. It’s counterintuitive. It’s fierce. And it’s deadly.

It’s a trick we should all learn from.

What they do is simple.

It all starts with a lion’s keen ability to take advantage of a nasty misconception. Even you and I fall for it.

You see, the big menacing male lions that we typically think are the fierce killers aren’t all that active. They don’t do much of the hunting. Instead, it’s the females that do the stalking and the killing.

But the males do play a role.

When a group of, say, zebras is in the pride’s sights, the ladies of the group sharpen their claws and head out into the periphery. They hide and wait for the attack.

Meanwhile, the big scary male lion heads straight into the zebras and lets out a tremendous roar.

When he does, the zebras go full force in the opposite direction…

Right into the claws of those eager female lions.

The zebras instinctually run from the roar when they should run right into it.

It’s an ingenious tactic – surely an evolutionary trait that’s helped lions survive for centuries.

Into the Roar

But we’re not writing you with tips on how to survive your next trip to sub-Saharan Africa.

No. What we’re writing today involves a survival skill you can master immediately. It has the potential to change your life and maybe even the life of somebody around you.

We beg readers to ponder if they too run from the roar.

Do they head away from the fears of the day, when they should be heading right into them?

Or worse, do they hear the roar and do nothing – making themselves the easiest of easy meals?

You see, we spent the weekend doing something different. Instead of tackling our chores, we plunked down on a classroom seat.

We participated in a wilderness first aid course. We learned just about all there is to know about helping folks hurt in the woods or on the water.

But there’s something the instructors forgot to mention.

It may be the most important lesson of all.

When the lions are roaring, run… somewhere.

Some folks will run from it. That’s fine for them.

We, on the other hand, have made a life of running to the roar. We’re sure it saved our own hide a few times and we know it saved others several times.

But here’s the thing… many, many folks flat-out freeze in the face of danger.

That’s why rescuers find so many folks still strapped to their seats in survivable plane crashes. It’s why young kids bleed out in front of their parents. And it’s why the cowards shooting up public places have so many non-moving targets.

It’s called the “freeze” response.

The Human Flaw

What’s crazy about it is that this do-nothing response is entirely conditioned (and almost entirely relegated to humans and our unique ability to think). It’s our mind’s way of saying, “Oh no, there’s nothing I can do about this, so I’m not doing anything.”

Obviously, it’s dangerous.

As any zebra can attest, standing still is never the smart option. It’ll get you killed.

Fortunately, while humans may have a flaw zebras don’t have, we also have a luxury that zebras don’t have… the ability to train.

This training is not hard.

Remember, this “freeze” response paralyzes us because our brain feels helpless. It’s convinced that no matter what we do… we’re not going to do enough.

It’s yet another reason we so often preach Know-How. Simply learning new skills and, even more important, building our mind’s confidence that we can tackle challenges reduces the chances of freezing in an emergency.

It’s why we continually hone our skills – wilderness medicine, self-defense, precision shooting and even lock-picking. We may never need a precise skill, but just having a thick mental binder of these skills helps ensure our brain never says “oh no, I can’t handle that. I’m shutting down.”

Even if you’re not excited about learning new skills, there’s a simple training exercise that anybody can practice at home.

It’s something we use quite often in the law enforcement world.

Simply tell yourself to do something.

When a bad guy whips out a knife, history shows it’s surprisingly easy to stand still and get stabbed. That’s why you must continuously practice telling yourself to move. Simply repeating “move, move, move” when you’re feeling frozen will get the job done.

When the lion roars (be it a physical, mental or even financial threat), we hope readers have the skill and confidence to head straight for the noise.

If not, we beg you to at least get on your feet and move.

It could save your life.

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