The Supreme Court Guide to the State of Our Nation

We’re headed where we know we shouldn’t go.

We’ll take heat for it. We’ll get some nasty letters. And maybe a few folks will walk away from us because of what we’re about to whisper into their ears.

That’s too bad. But we didn’t launch this project to merely roll with the punches.

We launched it to throw a few punches of our own.

You see, until now, we’ve remained quiet on the Kavanaugh situation. We’ve had better things to write about.

But a dear friend has changed our mind.

“Don’t your readers want to know your point of view?” she asked us.

Maybe, we replied, but what’s to say that hasn’t already been said? And who’s listening anyway?

Nobody’s changing their minds.

The press has covered the story every minute of every day for more than two weeks. Its subjects have conjured, conjectured and contemplated every angle of the story… start to finish.

There’s nothing left.

Ha… phooey.

That ain’t true.

There’s plenty left untold… and even more that will never be told.

Reality TV Meets Congress

No, the media and its reality-show directors in Congress just played America like a stolen fiddle. They lined their pockets by highlighting the mundane, by demanding proof of the unprovable and by repeating the unrepeatable.

As a desperate and despicable “newstainment” industry fluffed a little bit of something into a whole lot of nothing, Americans fell for it. They were glued to their screens for hours on end… day after day.

But tell us this.

Who is this Kavanaugh fella?

Is he a good judge? What sort of judicial doctrine does he believe in? Does he even have any knowledge of the Constitution?

Hell if we know.

All we know is his high school pal Squi may or may not have farted a lot.

Thanks, CNN. That’s the America our sons and fathers died for.

The fact that Americans accepted (they even cheered it on) this farce from Congress and the media says more about the state of this nation than a single judge could ever dream of.

The mere fact that few people bothered to turn off the TV to see where the man’s view of the law lies is flat-out frightening.

And the fact that nobody is demanding an answer from the folks who told – or printed – vehement lies about the man is utterly disgusting.

But here’s the deal.

We’re not afraid to admit it… we’re glad for the scandal.

It shows just how sick our culture has become and, we say it humbly, why we need a movement like ours.

America Divided

If Kavanaugh convinced anybody of anything, he proved to the nation that the Supreme Court has been fooling Americans for generations.

It’s not nonpartisan.

Anything but.

From the infamous Marbury v. Madison case (which struck down presidential power) to Judge Alito mouthing the words “not true” to Obama, the history of the Supreme Court is riddled with the stank odor of partisan politics.

For those who dared to watch the news with open ears and an open mind, Kavanaugh slashed open that bloody wound for all the world to see.

We beg readers to understand that’s what all of this is about… politics and who’s in charge.

It’s not about the #MeToo movement. It’s not about supporting the victims of heinous, unspoken crimes.


Your “trusted” elected officials were merely using those ploys to get your attention, get their way… and get your votes.

That’s what’s so dangerous about all of this.

Most Americans think it’s true… that Congress really cares what Kavanaugh was up to in 1982.

They think Washington really wants a solution. And they think the dopes in Washington really do want to right the wrongs of the past.

It’s insanely wrong.

All these folks want – as we just saw in brilliant live color – is a point to rally around.

If that means destroying a single man or every man… so be it.

Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t matter. To all of them, all of this is mere collateral damage.

There’s a lot of truth to the anger on the streets. We get it.

But don’t believe the anger in Washington for a minute.

They’re all power-hungry liars.

The damage they have done over the last few weeks is irreparable.

They put our nation under attack. They put the truth under attack. And they put the very notion of what it means to be a man – a good man – under attack.

Will we hold our tongue?

No. Absolutely not.

There’s plenty yet to be said.

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