The Bitter Truth About Sugar

This nation has its facts, figures and priorities entirely backward.

While the media works to ensnare the president for committing crimes we have long known he committed… while political correctness threatens to stir far more hate than it destroys… and while the Boy Scouts prepare to vow bankruptcy… there’s a killer on the loose.

And your government is just fine with it.

Here’s the deal.

We’ve all heard of the horrors our boys dealt with in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. We walked our farm this week with a former Marine sniper, and he has tales of his own.

We were reminded that some 1,500 American soldiers lost a limb during the lingering wars.

Our hat is tipped for each of them.

But there’s an even bigger number out there that nobody is talking about.

It has to do with an entirely different war… a war on the homeland. It’s being fought with propaganda, lies and vast sums of money.

It’s doing far more harm.

Fattened Up

During the same time 1,500 Americans have lost their limbs in the Mideast, this war has cost 1.5 million Americans their limbs. They’ve been sawed off in a last-ditch attempt to save a life.

It’s the war with a root that nobody is talking about… and nobody seems to care about.

Here’s a sad fact.

The obesity rate in America is at an all-time high. For the first time ever, three out of 10 Americans now carry so much fat that it’s significantly affecting their health.

It’s the leading cause of the Type 2 diabetes that is taking more limbs than any warlord could ever dream of.

The media will cover the story when it has some time to kill and needs a fluff piece to wrap up the end of the nightly news. They’ll show pictures of men with spare-tire bellies and fat ladies eating cheeseburgers on a park bench. And they’ll tell us folks are lazy or are eating too many meals from McDonald’s.

They’re not wrong… but they’re certainly not right.

There’s far more to the story.

In fact, the press is implicit in America’s deadly epidemic.

Not only did it fail to discover the truth (has it ever?)… it spread blatant lies.


“Trusted” Sources

Take, for example, a story published in 1967 that changed the fate of the nation. To say it killed folks would not be an exaggeration.

It proves that much of the research handed to us is pure bunk… junk science with a deep agenda behind it.

For proof, let us introduce you to the Sugar Research Foundation.

It’s an industry-funded group that openly sponsored pro-sugar research. It paid the much-respected folks at Harvard $50,000 in today’s dollars to review all the previous literature on the connection between sugar and heart disease.

Big Sugar hand-selected many of the studies that were reviewed.

The goal was to find prior research that connected sugar to heart issues and toss it aside or deem it scientifically flawed.

After wrongly pushing so many studies aside, the scientists at Harvard had very little conclusive research to work with. They ended up claiming “no quantitative results,” concluding cutting fat from our diets was far more important than cutting sugar.

For nearly 50 years, sugar’s effect on the body was downplayed.

Limbs were slashed and tossed aside… all because Big Sugar needed the business.

It wasn’t until recently that an article published in JAMA Internal Medicine blew the cover on this generation’s old propaganda.

“It was a very smart thing the sugar industry did, because review papers, especially if you get them published in a very prominent journal, tend to shape the overall scientific discussion,” the article’s co-author Stanton Glantz said.

Very smart, indeed…

Sweet Satisfaction

After the Harvard research opened the door for sugar, the industry went on an all-out blitz. It poured sugar into nearly everything we eat.

Nearly 70% of the packaged food that we eat these days has sugar added to it. Everything from soup to spaghetti sauce and even meat are spiced up.

In all, the average American consumes 57 pounds of added sugar each year… that’s 17 teaspoons of the sweet stuff every day.

The effects are plain nuts.

When we eat a sugar-laced product, our glucose levels surge… causing insulin levels to spike… forcing our body to store more calories as fat.

At the same time, leptin (our body’s natural appetite suppressant) levels plummet. We keep eating, craving more sugar.

Meanwhile, fructose overwhelms our liver. It’s forced to store the sugar as fat, leading to big long-term problems.

Most folks have no idea. They just keep eating, gaining weight and wondering why their doc is prescribing more pills.

Why should they know any better? We’ve been told for 50 years that sugar isn’t the problem.

We’ve been lied to. And it’s killing us.

But it’s not just sugar.

That’s why we’re so passionate about this project of ours. Our cellphones, social media, the organic craze, Big Pharma, Big Ag and, oh yeah, all these political shenanigans are all filled with half-truths and flat-out lies.

The solution isn’t to rely on a TV screen to reveal the truth. It’ll never come.

No, the only solution is Know-How.

You must know the truth.

It could save your life.