The Latest Sign of Third World America

This is disgusting.

It’s more proof that we’re living in Third World America.

Very few news outlets have bothered to cover it (likely because Trump has nothing to do with the situation), but folks are dying in the streets of San Diego – 15 are dead at last count.

The reason why is stunning.

The solution is even scarier.

In a situation unlike anything any American city has seen before, folks in San Diego are dying because of a hepatitis A outbreak.

Normally our industrialized food system is responsible for something like this. Bad scallops, green onions and strawberries have all been recent culprits. But what’s happening in California is far more sinister… far more disgusting.

More than a dozen folks are dead – and hundreds more are sick – because the city’s homeless are pooping in the streets.

Welcome, my friend, to Third World America.

Watch Your Step

Many of our streets are now an outright health hazard to walk down.

Earlier this week, an unlucky crew got the order to begin bleaching the streets. It’ll spray the streets three times per week every other week until the problem goes away… or the solution no longer works.

The outbreak of the deadly liver disease has been dubbed a public health emergency. The city has declared war on this “fecally contaminated environment.”

It’s as if we’re back in the 15th century… with sewage flowing through our streets.



We could rant about how we got in this situation. We could shout about the cause of the problem. And we could gripe about the disastrous response from city leaders.

But that wouldn’t do you much good.

No, we’d rather examine how you can avoid this problem.

The state tells us to get a shot.

They say that if folks live or work in the area, they should get a vaccine. Nearly 20,000 people already have. The number would be higher, but we’re told the vaccinators have needed police escorts in some areas.

Again… welcome to Third World America. Want to go down that street? Stick this needle in your arm first.

Your Best Shot

If you’re not willing to get vaccinated (docs recommend it for children and folks at high risk), the best way to prevent an infection is simply good hygiene.

Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds… especially before you eat in public.

Make it a habit.

And if you wash your hands in a public bathroom, do not use your freshly cleaned hands to open the door. Push the door open with your hip or elbow. Worst case, use a paper towel to cover your hand and then open the door.

Beyond that, never buy food from street vendors, especially in high-risk areas. There’s simply too much room for error.

But it’s not just the local hot dog cart. Some experts in San Diego point fingers at the charities serving food to the area’s homeless. Their often lax sanitary policies may be to blame for spreading the nasty disease.

Finally, here’s a tip if you’re traveling and don’t trust the local water source. (Folks in hurricane-affected areas should pay attention.)

Use carbonated bottled water for brushing your teeth and drinking.

The carbon dioxide in the water adds another layer of protection from harmful bacteria and viruses (plenty of tests show we shouldn’t assume bottled water is safe).

Folks, America is changing… whether we like it or not.

The truth is we now need an entirely new set of survival skills.

We need to learn how to live in a land where our streets are filthy and disease-ridden. We need to learn how to live in a realm of new modern-day crimes. And we need to learn how to live life on our own.

That’s why I recently published a book that details 47 critical survival skills for modern life. It should be considered essential reading.

With so much going on these days, I’d like to send a copy to you today for free.

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