The Roseanne Cancellation Just Reinforced Our Biggest Prediction for 2018

“Obama,” we said, “who’s that?”

We were only half joking.

We’d heard of the guy… but we didn’t really care why.

Living in the woods on the fringes of the Alaskan wilderness, it didn’t matter. At the end of every election, the eagles still perched in their trees, the bears still stalked the salmon and, lo and behold, the water still flowed downhill.

It was what some would call our first retirement… and out there, we were free no matter who was in office.

Visitors would stop by and tell us about some senator from Illinois who was making big headlines… and we’d put our index finger to our lips and stop them midsentence.

It didn’t matter to us – not way out there in the woods.

But here’s the thing. No matter where we live, all of this political junk shouldn’t matter to any of us.

True Liberty shines through even the densest of fog… and a good government is seen and not heard.

But my oh my, is that not the case these days.

What Happened?

We are shaking our head this week. It’s clear we’re in some sort of trouble… big trouble.

The headlines tell the tale…

Fair enough. The leader of the free world probably has better things to do, like negotiate with a nuclear-crazed killer from North Korea named Kim.

But nope… the headline writers wrote too soon…


The president went for it… lashing out at his former political rival at the helm of Disney.

But getting the thoughts of the Oval Office didn’t stop the story.

The saga grew, and the headlines kept spewing cultural garbage…

Of course, it all makes perfect sense now.

In a nation that’s overmedicated and thrives on the blame game, of course the actress with a history of saying dumb things and doing even dumber things would blame the pill.

It’s not her fault.


But in this age of 24-hour news, the drug company hit back… immediately.

“Racism is not a known side effect,” said Ambien maker Sanofi.

And just like that, the drugs folks take joined the smelly ranks of everything else that’s turned political.

We can hear it now.

“Ambien? You take Ambien,” folks will say. “You pinko. Didn’t you hear what they said about Roseanne?”

All Politics… All the Time

In the January issue of Manward Letter, we made a bold prediction.

… At least it felt bold then. These days it feels quite obvious.

We told our paying subscribers to prepare for the year that everything turns political. “That’s America,” we lamented, “where the pizza we eat, the shoes we wear and the booze we drink are no longer a matter of taste. They’re a matter of politics.”

Sadly, we nailed it.

But even we underestimated just how far the greasy tentacles of the nation’s swamp dwellers can reach.

Again, the headlines this week prove we’re in trouble.

It’s not the “Kim” summit we’d been hoping for. The reality star got into the White House because she’s concerned for the fate of drug dealers.

And, of course, the same folks who have ignored the experts for years will eagerly listen to the so-called cultural icon.

But of course the shenanigans are on both sides of the aisle.

Michelle and Barack, too, are using their political might to bust their way into your living room.

Again, the headline tells the tale.

And just like that, Netflix became politicized… just like everything else these days.

The Twittersphere (a realm we have never dared to journey into) went nuts.

@TrumpGirl4Life (who sadly identifies herself by the person she voted for to rule over her) said this:

Just cancelled my #Netflix subscription. I will not pay monthly towards theirs & the Obama’s #Marxist style attempt to control the entertainment industry.

And folks were eager to point out that the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, has never been a Trump fan.

“Trump would destroy much of what is great about America,” he said. “Hillary Clinton is the strong leader we need, and it’s important that Trump lose by a landslide to reject what he stands for.”

Toss Out Your TV

Ah yes… everywhere we look, we bump our tired head on the sharp edge of politics.

We’d take a pill for it, but we fear being labeled for taking the wrong one.

“By all accounts, we’re in dangerous, uncharted territory,” we wrote to our subscribers in January. “In other words, this is where our Triad becomes so damned powerful.”

By focusing on our Know-How… protecting our Liberty… and building our Connections… we ensure that we rely on ourselves – not the headline writers, the politicians or a culture where everything from the sports we watch to the drugs we take are politicized.

Instead, by focusing on those three ideas, we’ll be confident, wise and surrounded by like-minded people.

Our message is simple.

Tune it out.

Turn off the TV.

Forget about the left and the right… and focus on yourself and, as one reader recently put it, “living the Triad life.”

The politicians are smart. They know what will get them more attention… more votes… and ultimately more of your money.

Don’t feed into it.

Tune them out, and they’ll go away.

We dream of a day when folks say, “The president… what’s his name again?”

Our Liberty is far too valuable to be wasted on nonsense like we’re seeing.

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