Helping Those Who Need It the Most

Founder’s Note: I owe a lot to Julia Guth. This little passion project of ours would be nothing without her. As the CEO of The Oxford Club (our former employer), she gave us the tools we needed to get it started. And when she saw the scope of what we created, she gave us the push we needed to go after it full time – no matter the disruption to her business.

That’s why when she recently asked for some help, I did not hesitate.

You see, not only does Julia run one of the biggest financial publishing firms on the planet, but she also started and oversees a small yet incredibly vital health clinic in one of the poorest sections of Central America.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic needs more support now than ever before. Keep reading for an urgent message from Julia.

It’s hard to believe that just months ago, Nicaragua was hitting the covers of all the top travel magazines. Today, tourism is basically dead, all due to an intense political crisis that erupted in April of this year.

In recent years, Nicaragua’s beautiful lakes and mountains and beaches… its safe hotels, stunning architecture, and great rum and food… its many fun activities and warm people all made Nicaragua THE hot new destination for a wonderful vacation.

Now, with empty planes, many flights have been canceled. Hotels and restaurants have closed their doors.

Nicaragua’s tourism industry came to a screeching halt this past spring. Tens of thousands of Nicaraguans lost their jobs overnight.

So much of what is happening in Nicaragua is still not hitting headline news. That’s a mistake. We need to pay attention to President Ortega’s direct assault on democracy and human rights. His regime and his supporters have shown they are willing to resort to violence in order to hold on to power. They are willing to turn back the country’s noted decades of progress.

The citizens of Nicaragua are very worried. They realize they could be on the brink of civil war.

But, despite the conflict, there is relative stability and peace where the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is located – in the Tola region, a municipality in the Rivas department. There is also plenty of local ambition not to let fear get in the way of decades of major progress.

Before this crisis, many of the public health clinics – both within and outside the Clinic’s region – were already in bad shape. Now many of them, at least those outside our region, can barely operate safely. (Even some of the other charitable clinics like ours in cities up north have been forced to restrict their hours of operation to half-day daylight hours only.)

The Organization of American States has received numerous reports that government-run hospitals up north are denying care for any anti-government protestors, no matter how sick or injured they are.

At the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, we provide care to all regardless of background or political affiliation. Our Clinic continues to operate 24/7, with an outreach satellite clinic in addition to our main clinic.

We have one of the only operating ambulances that can get to the most remote regions, which requires traveling long distances on muddy roads through mountainous areas.

I am deeply saddened to see everything the local Nicaraguans have worked so hard for these past two decades disappear almost overnight.

Before the crisis, opportunities were increasing in our region for locals to learn new skills for education, health, tourism, construction, management, entrepreneurship and more.

Sadly, now a young Nicaraguan’s opportunities are once again disappearing.

But I have also been moved by our Clinic’s strength – its teamwork, positive spirit and determination.  The staff works every day to keep the doors open to the community.

By supporting the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic and its many programs for healthy living, you support the ambitions of the local people to get stronger.

It’s imperative we keep the Clinic flourishing…

  • We keep locals in jobs.
  • We provide education and job training.
  • We provide food, medicine, emergency healthcare and clean water.
  • We help parents get their kids to school with proper uniforms, backpacks and supplies.

Please help keep the doors open. We need to distribute more clean water, medicine, food and clothing than ever before.​

Many local businesses have had to close their doors or reduce their expenses. They’ve not been able to weather the economic crisis and lack of tourists in the area. They’ve had to lay off their staff and close. We hope it’s only temporarily. ​

But the impact on the Clinic from these closings is immediate. It means we have less local financial support for our Clinic. The political unrest is causing supply shocks, and we’re seeing the Clinic’s costs go up, including the cost of necessary fuel for transportation.

We Critically Need More Financial Support Right Now

Any amount you can give will help us. The good news is there are many interesting ways to easily help, as you’ll see when you click on this link or the link below.

You can sponsor a specific family’s health and education. Or you can help us produce more local organic gardens for people to learn to be more self-reliant… We have many gardens throughout the region giving families greater access to healthy food. Or you can help us distribute more clean water.

Ultimately, what we urgently need help with is this…

We need to maintain our critical medical and pharmaceutical services… to stay open 24/7 with professional care. We don’t want to lay anyone off.

The future of this incredibly beautiful country hangs in such a delicate balance. The support you can give during this tragic time will make a real difference.

We’ve seen the Nicaraguans work hard to overcome adversity before. Each time they do, the country becomes stronger. But this may be their biggest challenge yet…

Please help this community persevere and get strong again.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is truly a standout operation in Nicaragua. Any support you give to the Clinic will make a huge difference in someone’s life… and will have a positive impact on an entire community’s well-being.

Click here to see how this nonprofit measures success by the numbers… and how you can help.




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