Three Simple (and Cheap) Ways to Protect Your Home

It’s the worst-case scenario. It’s one of the scariest things a person could live through.

We’ve all thought about it. It’s kept us all awake at night.

Sadly, more than a million people go through this nightmare every year. In many instances, it haunts them for the rest of their lives.

But here’s the thing… home invasions don’t have to happen to you.

With a bit of simple planning, you can virtually eliminate the threat of a bad guy busting in while you sleep.


Here are the facts. Each year, nearly 4 million homes are broken into. Folks are inside the house in nearly a quarter of all invasions.

That’s when things tend to turn deadly.

But what’s crazy is how the bad guys get into homes. A third of the time, they simply walk or crawl through an unlocked door or window. And just as often, they boldly enter right through the front door.

In other words, victims are virtually inviting the bad guys into their homes… and into their bedrooms.

But by taking just a few simple steps, you can prevent most home invasions.

It’s vital to understand that most bad guys are lazy and, well, dumb. They wouldn’t need to rob and steal if they were ambitious go-getters.

That’s why anything that makes their job harder is worth doing.


The first step, therefore, is to install a burglar alarm. And when you do, make sure anybody who approaches your home knows you have one. Put a sign in your flower bed. Put a sticker on the window. And make sure the sensors are visible through your windows.

The mere sight of an alarm tells a wannabe burglar that his job won’t be easy.

Most often, that’s enough to get him to move on. If not, the blaring noise that alerts you and the neighbors will certainly make him rethink his plans.

And don’t believe the myth that you need to pay some expensive company to install and monitor your alarm.

You don’t.

With modern technology, you can go to any big-box hardware store and walk away with an effective system for less than 200 bucks. Most will notify you (or anybody you choose) if the alarm is activated.

And while you’re at the hardware store…

Grab some good motion-activated floodlights. (Criminals are like cockroaches. They scurry when the light is on them.)

Install the lights on the corners of your house, and make sure they cover the front and back doors.

Finally, install security cameras.

Once used by only the most paranoid or worrisome homeowners, there’s now no excuse not to have cameras on your property.

They’re cheap… they’re easy to install (many are wireless)… and they no longer require big, bulky recording equipment.

You can view the feed from the cameras almost anywhere. In fact, thanks to the internet, we recently sat on the beach and watched the cameras at my friend’s business – 150 miles away – from his phone.

Cameras serve two purposes.

First, they’re an obvious deterrent. Few folks are going to do something illegal with a lens pointed in their faces.

And second, if the bad guy is dumb enough to break in, cameras are vital in helping to solve the crime.

The fact is that less than 14% of burglaries result in arrest. With cameras, though, that number is much higher. After all, some 60% of break-ins involve somebody the homeowner knows.

So not only will cameras help secure your home… but they’ll help ensure the bad guy pays for what he did.

Remember, our Triad focuses on just three key things – Liberty, Know-How and Connections. Science proves that men who master these three ideas live better, more fulfilled lives.

When it comes to our Liberty, nothing is more important than the safety and security of our home.

Get it protected… and sleep better tonight.

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