Warning: You’ve Been Deceived

Deceit is a cruel beast.

Like the fable of a frog in a warming pot of water, it’ll kill a man long before he feels the heat.

Take politics, for instance. It’s not our beat, and we do our best to stay away from such muck-filled territory. But we can’t resist. The lesson is too grand.

And don’t worry… we’ve got enough arrows in our quiver to shoot in all directions.

As you know, some idiot got his jollies last week by sending half-cocked bombs to many of the nation’s most prominent liberal authorities.

But in a society where politics masks hypocrisy, nobody bothered to blame the lunatic with gunpowder on his hands.

No, instead they blame each other.

The left says the right is to blame. They say Trump’s constant mud-flinging has created a nation of hate.

And the right says the left is to blame. They say the whole thing reeks of fake news.

It’s all a sham, folks. Whether these dolts know it or not, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

But here’s the thing. It’s not just politics.

Deceit reaches its barbed tentacles through the smallest of holes. It wraps them around us until its poison is oozing from every crevice of our mind.

Understand this notion and, better, cut those tentacles off at the body and you’ll be a better, happier person.


Good Shot, Bad Shot

Lifting our muddy boot out of the sticky realm of politics, we have an example of just what this looks like in real life.

It shows how Deceit trickles into all of our minds, even the mind of yours truly.

Last weekend, we put on our gear and went to the gun range. We’re tested twice each year to keep our right to protect and to serve.

We shot well – better than our average – and were happy about it.

But then we looked at the target next to ours.

There were 30 rounds plugged into an area the size of a fist. It was beautiful shooting.

That’s when the tentacles of Deceit slithered into our eye and pulled us back to our target.

“Well,” we told ourselves, “maybe our gun’s dirty.”

“And what’s with all these rocks we’re standing on? How are we to get a good stance?”

“His gun must be customized. Ours can’t shoot that well.”

It was one lie after the other. Our frog was boiling and didn’t know it.

The truth – once we swallowed our pride and dared to admit it – was simple. The man beside us was the former head of a metropolitan SWAT team. He’d shot thousands of rounds more than us. He trained harder, more often and more thoroughly.

Our gun wasn’t broke. The ground didn’t move under us and not under him.

He was simply better.

But Deceit surely didn’t want us to know.

A Mess in Every Direction

That’s what we beg the American people to understand. We beg our brethren to rip the tentacles of Deceit out of their minds.

When men, like George Soros – who woke up to a bomb in his own mailbox – say hate is consuming us, they are not wrong. But one man didn’t stir all this hate. Don’t be so deceived.

There are immense wrongs on both sides.

But to think hate tossed in one direction will block hate lobbed from the other is just plain stupid.

It’s no different from blaming the gun when we didn’t shoot well.

The results of such trickery are oh so clear. We could have gone home blaming our gun. We could have tossed it in the safe and called it a dud. Meanwhile, the dud in the mirror would never get better. We’d never hit the range. We’d never tighten our form. And we’d never beat the man who did.

Sadly, we think the old Fed chief Paul Volcker has it right.

The 91-year-old is out shilling his new book these days. But he makes some fair points when he tells us he sees “a hell of a mess in every direction.”

“Respect for government, respect for the Supreme Court, respect for the president, it’s all gone,” he said.

How can a democracy function, he asks, without respect for the democracy?

We’ll take it a step forward. We’ll grab our magnifying glass, toss a stinky sample on the table and root around with our tweezers until we find the source of what ails us.

And when we do, Deceit and his twitching tentacles will be staring us right in the eye.

A man can’t have respect for his country or his leaders if he doesn’t have respect for himself.

If he’s too deceived to see the lies that surround us… he’s too deceived to see the lies within himself.

Volcker is right.

It’s a mess.

But the solution certainly doesn’t come from Washington. That’s where solutions go to die.

No, the solution is right there in the mirror.

In all that we do, we must remove the tentacles of Deceit. We must recognize them, rip them from our flesh and fling them as far away as possible.

When we do, we’ll see the world – our world – with fresh clarity and insight.

Good things will happen, we promise.

Good things.


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