The Ideal Spot to Invest Just a Few Bucks Right Now

We are celebrating this week.

Our stocks are soaring.

But we feel like a sad circus clown. The big red smile is merely paint on our face, but the tear running from our eye is real.

You see, there’s a bit of a problem – a problem that extends to the core of our mission.

Here, let me show you…

On Monday afternoon, I sent a note to Manward Trader readers. I told them an investment we entered just six days ago had more than doubled.

It was time to lock in another big gain – the second triple-digit winner in four days.

One subscriber wrote in nearly instantly. He got in at $1.80 and out at $4.20.

He made $7,000 in just over a week.

Your humble clown smiled.

We’re changing lives… and creating immense Liberty.

But then we got another note.

Subscriber B.B. wrote us and said he didn’t make the trade.

He didn’t know how.

“Wish I could take a simple course so as to be more knowledgeable,” he wrote.  “Alerts like this make me want to ‘get my feet wet.’”

The clown felt a knot in his throat.

A few minutes later, brand-new Subscriber T.W. said nearly the same thing. “Where can I get information on how to make a trade?” he asked.

Excuse us for a moment… the clown needs a tissue.

Taking Our Mission Seriously

Sadly, none of this is new to us.

We’ve been considered a pro in the investing world for going on two decades. We’ve watched as our education system has fallen apart (see today’s Rooster’s Crow)… leaving more and more would-be investors out in the dark with each passing year.

We can’t blame the student. He doesn’t know what he isn’t being taught.

No, it’s not his fault.

But why waste our breath on blame when we could suck in a lungful of air and take off to fix what’s wrong?

Once our tears dried, we reached out to the new investor above and announced our plans. We’re holding an online seminar next week for Manward Trader subscribers.

“Super, super, super awesome,” he wrote back. “Let’s do it.”

We’ll start where so many others have failed. From the basics to the advanced, we’ll cover all a man needs to know to make the sort of $7,000-in-a-week trade noted above.

We’re proud to do it.

It’s part of our Manward mission. It’s critical Know-How.

We can never be financially free – and therefore free of our modern-day shackles – if we don’t know how to make money on our own or invest what we’ve already made.

I’ve already filmed an investing Master Class for new Manward Trader subscribers, but next week’s session will go even further. It’ll answer our most frequent questions and look at the platforms and types of trades we recommend, and we’ll even toss in a few fresh recommendations.

But what if you aren’t a Manward Trader subscriber?

That’s fine – your choice.

You must still learn the basics. If not, you’ve got nobody to blame.

Start Here

Here’s what we recommend.

Most new investors are intimidated by the complex and fancy trading platforms offered by the big-name brokers.

The truth is those platforms were designed that way… to look complex and fancy.

The vast majority of the widgets and features on those sites are put there not for your benefit… but for marketing purposes.

They look smart.

Most investors will never use them.

That’s why we recommend a down-and-dirty trading platform like The interface is simple and offers only the features you’ll actually use.

And best of all… it’s entirely free.

It’s the ideal spot to invest just a few bucks.

Because there are no commissions, it’s where we trade our penny stocks. (By the way, if you’re following along, the tiny $0.97 stock we told you about last week traded for more than $2 this week. It’s another penny stock double. Nice!)

If you’ve never made a trade before, start here (we get nothing out of mentioning the site). Put a couple hundred bucks into a few stocks and see what happens.

It’s the start of a powerful (and profitable) education.

It’s clear that money and how to make it need to be a big part of our mission.

The idea plays a vital role in two pieces of our Triad. The ability to invest is critical Know-How that directly affects our Liberty.

It’s a terrible thing to see a clown cry…

Especially when he’s in the mirror.

Let’s not let it happen again.

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