Something in the Water: Pennsylvania Residents Get Cold Splash of Reality About Their Health

There’s a part of our county we tend to avoid.

It’s not that we don’t like the people. And it’s not that things are necessarily bad in those parts. They’re plenty nice.

It’s just that the way of life is different up there.

It seems that each time we drive through the area with Mrs. Manward, we lean over to her and say, “Whew… there must be something in the water around here.”

We’ve all been there.

Most of the time we’re not all that serious. But now we woke up to some sad news.

The area of the county where it seems that, indeed, cousins may be able to marry cousins… has a bit of trouble with its water.

This story is nuts.

Don’t Drink That

Proving that at least one of the area’s citizens is a freethinker, a homeowner decided to get his water checked.

The results were not good… far from it.

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The water he pours into his body each day has dangerously high levels of two chemicals. The first is the main ingredient in Scotchgard, and the second has been described as an “emerging health concern” that’s used in fabrics, sealants, carpets and scores of other products.

The latter is tied to things like kidney cancer, thyroid disease and testicular cancer.

We certainly wouldn’t want to shower in it or, worse, drink a glass of it.

But folks in that neck of the woods sure did.

And that’s the thing… nobody noticed. It took a curious citizen to sound the alarm.

When he did, local authorities called the Department of Environmental Protection, which was kind enough to grant a permit that allowed the installation of a temporary filter.

Officials are pretty sure the mobile filters will get the job done.

In the meantime, the folks charged with investigating such things have taken some samples.

They hope to have the results back in three weeks or so.

Meanwhile, they say the water is safe to drink. But if you’re sick, they advise, you may want to see a doc first.

Indeed… there’s something in the water up there.

Third-World America

But here’s the thing. As we put together our latest research project, we found story after story like this.

What happened in Flint, Michigan, is only the headlining example. There are dozens and dozens of stories of chemical-laced water flowing into homes throughout the country.

One recent study found alarming levels of the carcinogen chromium-6 in water supplies in all 50 states.

And that’s just one chemical.

But this is nothing new.

Most folks know the problems with the nation’s water system. That’s why they buy up more than 13 billion gallons of bottled water every year.

They are wasting their money. The wet stuff you get at the store is no better than what’s coming out of your faucet.

The government let you down on that front, too.

You see, bottled water is regulated by the FDA. That agency doesn’t force bottlers to disclose their testing results.

When one watchdog group dug into the situation, it found 38 contaminants across 10 of the most popular brands.

The truth is tap water faces much stricter regulations than bottled water.

That’s because it’s under the thumb of the EPA and the Safe Drinking Water Act, which sets strict regulations for nearly 100 different chemicals and contaminants.

It spends billions of dollars a year working to make our water systems safe… and yet it’s still failed massively.

Our systems are vulnerable, dirty and getting worse by the day.

The solution? It’s just what you’d expect from us…

Do it yourself.

Don’t trust somebody else with something as vital as your water.

Get it tested. Filter it. And then test it again.

If you don’t, well… there must be something in the water.

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