The Better (and Easier) Way to Reach Your Goals

There’s an epidemic in America.

Most scientists have almost entirely given up on solving it.

It leads to obesity… diabetes… heart disease… and, oddly, even divorce.

But recent evidence hints at a cure. Sufferers who follow the directions will almost instantly eradicate what ails them.

The cure, no surprise to us, is our beloved Triad.

The epidemic? Motivation.

Why We Fail

There’s no denying that America has an obesity problem. We went to a public event this week and, oh boy, let’s just say we’re glad we own shares of Weight Watchers.

But what’s crazy is that our national culture is more focused on fitness and healthy eating than ever before. During the three weeks after the start of the new year (when all those resolutions are still fresh in our minds), the gyms are packed and treadmills sprout up in basements across the country.

But then, just as quickly as it started, the wannabe exercisers lose their motivation.

What gives?

Like we mentioned, it has everything to do with our Triad. The big promise secretly tucked inside our Liberty, Know-How and Connections keeps getting better. Not only can the Triad lead us to wealth and lasting relationships… but it can also tear off those extra pounds and put a bit of spunk back in our step.

To understand how it works, you must understand the inner workings of how folks are motivated.

We use something we call the “motivation continuum.”

They’re big words… for a simple concept.

On one end of the spectrum is the idea of intrinsic motivation. It’s the good stuff.

We’re intrinsically motivated when we do something merely for the fun of it – something that’s naturally satisfying.

For kids, intrinsic motivation drives much of what they do.

They run and play in the backyard, exercising their bodies because it’s what they enjoy – not because they know it’s good for them. They sit down and learn new things because their minds are curious – not because they’ll get a better job.

But as we age, intrinsic motivation becomes harder and harder to find. There are too many constraints in the way. Time, money and other obligations scratch the fun out of our lives.

We tend to focus our energy on things that are extrinsically motivating.

This is the bad guy at the other end of the spectrum.

Extrinsic motivation causes us to do something to avoid a punishment or earn a reward.

Most folks, for example, go to work each day to get a paycheck every two weeks. They’re rewarded… and they avoid the pain of not paying their bills.

Kids, despite our best attempts, aren’t all that affected by extrinsic motivation. They don’t clean their rooms to avoid punishment. But they’ll sure do it in a jiffy if they think it’ll be fun.

There’s something to that idea.

Most folks never bother to think about it.

But the science behind our Triad proves that there’s a viable solution. It’s called “identified” motivation.

The Key to Getting It Done

While not quite as pure as intrinsic motivation, it’s a realistic and highly effective alternative.

Identified motivation comes when we know something – while perhaps not fun – is worthy of our time and effort because it’s good for us.

Folks who exercise throughout the year – not just in the few weeks following their annual New Year’s resolutions – are fueled by identified motivation.

It’s the same for folks who take night classes… or stick to healthy diets… or make concentrated efforts to grow and maintain their relationships.

And what’s crazy is recent research shows that you need the very traits in our Triad to truly feel the effects of identified motivation.

First, you must have Liberty… unlike external motivation, you must make the choice on your own.

Second, you need Know-How… you must know what you’re doing. (It’s hard to stick to a good diet if you don’t know what a healthy diet looks like.)

And, finally, you need Connections… the science proves that a good motivator ties us to other people. It’s why folks who share their journey with a partner or team are much more successful.

The takeaway from this breakthrough in research is clear.

There’s not a person on earth who doesn’t want to do more and accomplish bigger things.

And yet we face an epidemic of unmotivated, dare we say it, do-nothings.

The answer to the problem lies in how we motivate ourselves. We can’t do things because our doc tells us to. We can’t do things because our spouse wants them done. And we certainly can’t expect those around us to do what we want them to do… simply because we told them to do it.

Our minds don’t work that way.

But when we take advantage of our Triad and nuture the ideas it stands for, the impossible suddenly seems possible.

We’ve known it for a long time.

Now the science proves it.

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