Need Cash? You’d Better Stock Up Now…

One of man’s greatest freedoms is the money in his pocket.

Sadly, it’s under attack. And the angle the attackers are taking is unlike anything we’ve seen in history.

They’re using our economy as a weapon.

The very thing we’ve entrusted our leaders to protect… is being turned against us.

If you’ve followed the headlines, you’ve heard the news. All across the globe, governments want to get the paper out of our wallets. They can’t control dollar bills. They can’t track where they’re spent. And, of course, they can’t tax what they can’t track.

So we get what we saw in India – where the government suddenly outlawed the cash in its citizens’ wallets.

Oh sure, the little guy can get his cash back. But he first must take it to the bank, let the inspectors ask a few questions about from whence it came and then convert it to the new low-denomination bills.

Sounds easy enough, right? A connection in the area sent us this telling photo in the days after the government’s sinister move.

The headlines revealed an even darker story…

  • The Indian Express: “Two dead in Maharashtra, Kerala in country-wide rush to junk banned notes”
  • United News of India: “Demonetisation: 96 year-old died while standing in queue”
  • Business Standard: “Farmer standing in line to exchange notes dies of heart attack.”

What we saw in Greece a few years ago wasn’t much better. That’s where the oh-so-broke government tried to force folks to spend a certain amount of money through their debit cards… or pay a fine.

If you’re keeping score, both plans have proven to be ludicrous disasters.

But that won’t stop the next broke government from coming up with an even better idea.

That’s what scares us.

You and I have the right to say what we want… we have the right to bear arms… and we have the right to a speedy trial.

Will we soon need all three to protect our unwritten right to spend our money the way we want?

Dare we ponder the answer?

For the Better Good

We can’t blame our political leaders for trying. After all, they’re just trying to stay in business like the rest of us. But their tactics are getting deliriously dangerous.

Their rationale for hating cash – at least publicly – is simple.

Too much money is spinning throughout the economy that Uncle Sam and his global brethren can’t get their hands on. Greece (and now Italy) has a powerful underground economy. And India’s “black” economy is a full one-third the size of its “real” economy.

That’s billions of dollars that aren’t financing the people’s business.

They’ll say getting that money back into the system will lower the burden on law-abiding folks.


They’ll say getting rid of that cash limits crime. After all, drug dealers aren’t fond of buddying up with Visa and Mastercard to handle their transactions.


And they’ll say getting rid of cash slows terrorist groups. (Again, we imagine it’s a lot easier to hand a fellow bad guy a wad of cash than it is to deposit a few grand into his checking account.)


They’re all fine arguments.

But, alas, we extend our foot and slide down that slippery slope.

… And Away We Go

It’s guys like former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund turned Harvard professor and outspoken anti-casher Kenneth Rogoff who get us worried. He believes the government can much more effectively control the economy if we lowly spenders don’t have the option to hoard our cash.

He’s absolutely right.

Take away our cash, and the government gets a lot of control.

That’s the problem.

What’s to keep them from saying, “Sorry, Mr. Manward, the economy needs your cash more than you do. We’re going to redirect your savings in the name of bailing out the American economy. Sorry about that.”

Think it can’t happen?

Let me introduce you to Executive Order 6102, which was signed into law on April 5, 1933.

Franklin Roosevelt forced Americans to turn in their gold… bowing to pressure from a Federal Reserve that was running out of ways to save the economy.

With a stroke of his pen, he did exactly what we fear.

He put the economy ahead of the people – forgetting that, ultimately, the people are the economy.

It was bad news.

That’s why we’re worried.

We’re worried about setting yet another foot on a slippery slope.

We’re worried about Big Government getting a whole lot bigger.

But frankly, we’re worried about something quite dear to us. Our Liberty is at risk.

It’s an idea we must take seriously. It’s coming our way.

Our cash is our freedom.

And it’s up to us to protect it.

To that end… we’ve recently published some of our most important work to date. It’s an anthology of crucial research we’re calling our Death of Cash Survival Kit.

You can use it to sidestep – and even prosper from – our government’s steady push toward an all-digital economy.

We’ve been trying to get this intel in front of as many freedom-loving Americans as possible. To find out how you can claim your free copy, click here.

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