The Me Too Movement: A Fresh Sign of Systemic Meltdown in America

A Fresh Sign of Systemic Meltdown in America

We were handed some disturbing facts this week.

They reinforce our belief that the “Me Too” movement, while well intended, is part of something that’s much bigger and much scarier than most folks realize.

We’re seeing fresh signs that the movement is backfiring and is actually hurting the folks it is supposed to help. Get this…

A new study shows just how divided the latest round of the sexual blame game has made the corporate world.

The numbers are startling. Almost half of male managers surveyed now admit that they are uncomfortable mentoring or working alone with women.

Since the widespread reporting of sexual misconduct claims started last year, nearly twice as many men admit they are hesitant to work with women.

And the number of male managers who are uncomfortable mentoring a woman has more than tripled in recent months.

It’s not good.

But we argue the real problem here has nothing to do with sex.

It’s merely another nail in the coffin of one of society’s greatest commodities.

It’s the death of trust… and we’re watching it march to its grave at a staggering pace.

Big Trouble

We see it everywhere.

Our culture doesn’t trust the media…

The government…

The police…


Or, now, the opposite sex.

Richard Edelman, the well-known CEO of the global PR firm that bears his last name, is an expert on the subject of trust. It’s the backbone of his business.

For the last 17 years, he has surveyed folks from across the globe to gauge their trust in the sorts of things listed above.

He tells us things have never looked as bleak as they do right now.

It’s a trust crisis.

“Today, we’re talking about a trust crisis that is causing a systemic meltdown,” he says. “Only 15% of our respondents actually said they trust the system.”

It’s a dangerous trend.

Just look at the effects of the Me Too movement. It’s destroying trust at a blistering pace.

Women don’t trust that men will keep their hands to themselves. And after several false reports and stretched truths have destroyed careers and families, men no longer trust women to tell the truth.

It’s divided the sexes and made enemies out of the folks who are supposed to be coming together.

Many men no longer want to work with women.


But it’s part of a much bigger problem.

After all, what happens when a society does not trust anyone or anything? What happens when we don’t trust our laws… our schools… our police… or even a medicine?

History reveals the answer.

The same gap that’s dividing the sexes will divide our core institutions.

Divided We Fall

Edelman says distrust in the system ultimately leads to dangerous populism. Others are convinced it’s even worse. They say a nation ripe with distrust is a nation begging for a tyrant.

History would tend to agree.

Hitler, we know, trusted very few.

His distrust of the system led to a world-shaking populist uprising.

And what’s scary is that newfound distrust in the modern German political system recently led to Hitler’s infamous book Mein Kampf becoming a best-seller once again.

It’s scary stuff that backs Edelman’s pointed claims.

It’s why we’re paying such close attention to what’s happening in our nation today.

On its face, the Me Too movement is big. But when we dig just a bit below the surface, we see something even bigger… that it’s a symptom of an ailment that’s far more deadly.

We’re witnessing the death of trust.

And as it goes, our beloved Liberty is on the line.

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