Manward Readers on Penny Stocks, Free Trading and What Our Society Celebrates

The facts are stunning.

We scratch our head as we try to understand what’s going on.

The fine folks at the Fed announced last week that America’s collective net worth has stretched beyond the $100 trillion mark for the first time ever.

This bull market has done wonders.

But what has us so confused is that just shy of half (46%) of Americans don’t have an extra $400 lying around to cover an emergency expense.

We’re richer than ever… and yet oh-so-poor.

If you know us, we don’t blame the people. We blame the system… a system that seems all too eager to reward the poor.

Free food… free phones… free healthcare…

Why bother to fend for yourself?

But as we dig into the mailbag this week, we see plenty of folks who are poking the system in the chest, shouting, “You’re not going to get me!”

They’re turning a little… into a lot.

My first stock buy was a penny stock. Actually, it was less than a penny and an Australian penny at that! I took a gig trying to help a small company land an incentive package from the GA state government to build a plant in my hometown of Augusta. We succeeded. The night the deal was announced, the stock shot up to $0.46. It’s ebbed back to about $0.075 since. I put half of every retainer check into the stock. – Reader J.W.

Nicely done, J.W.

Enjoy that new boat!

What J.W. hits on here is exactly why our penny stock strategy focuses tightly on buying activity. With stocks that small, we can virtually pinpoint the stocks that are going to pop on big news.

By tracking who’s buying and how much they’re buying, we put the odds in our favor.

In case you missed it, click here to get the in-depth details of my system.

Too Good to Be True?

Great article. I’m 63 and no retirement except Social Security. So I started buying penny stocks about seven years ago. I have over 40 different ones. Different sectors and industries.

I got burned by pump and dumpers in the beginning. But now I do my own research and due diligence. They are growing and continue to gain traction. I’m looking for the next Google or Amazon. I don’t have the money to buy big caps. But every payday, I toss in 10% of my pay. Either buy something new or add on to a growing position.

For the little wallets like me, if you want to start investing, penny stocks are your best bet. Just watch what you buy. – Reader S.R.

Amen. We don’t have much to add.

But on the subject of pump and dumpers… those boys are slimy and deceitful. The only way to avoid their trap is exactly what S.R. says. Do your own research. Look for a disclaimer. And if it seems too good to be true… you know what to do.

On your recommendation, I checked out It appears that Canadians and others with international addresses will not be eligible to join? Comments? – Reader R.B.

Sorry, R.B., you’re out of luck.

Robinhood is open only to U.S. citizens. Blame the system and its red tape. But if you happen to be an American living in Canada, you may have some luck.

We polled some of our Connections and are told that Questrade is a good, low-cost platform for Canadians. Here’s a link.

What We Celebrate

And finally, moving away from money and to the topic that brought us here…

It struck me that all this focus on women and girls may, in fact, be much of the source of the problem that most of these #MeToo and akin women complain about. Boys have been essentially ignored and/or cast aside for a generation – at least.

Like you point out, boys aren’t being properly raised and educated to be good men. Too often boys are left to their own devices and without good examples and constant guidance, they grow up to be ill-mannered and, too often, bad men who haven’t learned to respect and appreciate women appropriately.

Too often, they learn how to treat women from TV, movies, etc., which mostly teach them that women are objects and simply tools for men’s pleasure. If society were to really focus in on boys again, I just think that much of what these women care about would largely go away. – Reader J.S.

We paid a lot of money to go to business school and get a trio of letters behind our name. Out of all that we studied, we came away believing that just one phrase is far more powerful than anything else.

“You get more of what you celebrate.”

It’s true. Just look at what we celebrate these days.

In Hollywood, we rave over movies like Fifty Shades of Grey. We celebrate the violent, the crazy and the scorned.

We shouldn’t be surprised when that’s what we get.

On the news, we celebrate the troubled and the dangerous. A killer will make the front page for a week. But the cop who stuck his finger down a 2-year-old’s throat last week and pulled a chunk of food from its collapsing airway didn’t get a mention. (We gave him a high five.)

And even in our time-honored organizations like Boy Scouts, we celebrate the inclusion of the other sex… unintentionally tearing down the celebration of what is boyhood.

To the outsider, all of what we’re talking about here may seem disjointed and confused. Money and manhood, some will say, have very little to do with each other.

We disagree.

We get more of what we celebrate.

Dig deep enough, and you’ll see our culture doesn’t celebrate the Liberty that comes with wealth. We tear it down… crumbling up the notion of making good on our own and tossing it in the same sad bin as boyhood, manliness and virtue.

Yep, we’ve got lots of work to do.

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