Reader Feedback: The Sheep Are Headed for Trouble


It’s spring on the farm.

We’ve got week-old chicks peeping in the shed… hives flush with fresh bees… and now three more lambs in the pasture.

Everywhere we look, there’s a mouth to feed.

But life is rarely easy, especially in the barn. We spent the night bottle-feeding one of our three newborn lambs. Every two hours, we put on our boots, warmed a bottle and grabbed hold of the little ewe.

With our help, the runt will make it.

“There’s three babies and two teats,” Mrs. Manward said. “Somebody is going to come up empty.”

Life in the barn, she reminded us, isn’t all that different from life in the real world.

If we’re relying on somebody else… some folks are going to come up empty.

It’s with that grand idea in our tired mind this morning that we reach into our mailbag. It’s clear that readers, too, are worried about who gets what.

I read many of your articles, but this is the first time I’ve responded. Rather than being concerned about China, one should be more concerned that the largest holder of public debt is Social Security.

It is owed $2.8T and the implications of this debt are of concern when one considers a future lack of the ability to repay the debt.

I believe that the U.S. does not have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem. From 2002 to 2015, the revenue of the federal government increased from $1.9T to $3.25T, a 71% increase. Yet the clowns in Congress still cannot balance the budget. I wonder how much of the media focus on Russia, North Korea, China, the Middle East and numerous other locations in the world is simply the output of the PR firms representing the Military-Industrial Complex. Is it really necessary for our country to spend more on our military than the next 10 countries combined? – Reader B.O.


There’s a lot to unpack in this note. It’s all serious stuff.

First… America’s debt and the Social Security program.

What a mess. It’s the very definition of too many mouths and too few teats.

But I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Uncle Sam doesn’t owe the retirement program $2.8 trillion. He wishes.

The truth is he’s on the hook for nearly twice as much… some $5.3 trillion.

And, yes, Washington does spend too much money. But saying it has a spending problem is like saying Harvey Weinstein has girl troubles. It’s way bigger than that.

Do we think all the recent drums of war are brought on by some high-priced PR machine? Nah. We know Washington. We’ve been there. It’s not that smart.

It’s way simpler than that.

Forget PR firms cooking up business for the defense industry… it’s the boys and girls in Congress doing all the heavy lifting. After all, who do you think put them in power?

There’s only one thing bigger than the defense industry lobby: the check Uncle Sam cuts to the industry each year.

But here’s the scary part that nobody’s talking about…

In 2016, Trump made a bold proclamation. He claimed he could get America’s creditors to accept $0.85 on the dollar.

“I would borrow,” he said, “knowing that if the economy crashed, you could make a deal.”

And borrow he has…

Last week, the Treasury set a bevy of fresh records as it asked the world for another $324 billion in loans.

At this point, the tiny lamb in our barn has better odds of survival.

But here we go again pointing out what’s wrong with government these days. Let’s change the subject…

I recently joined Manward Trader (lifetime). Here’s the question that I’m personally thinking about and pretty sure you are as well (or perhaps already have an answer): How do we trade the situation with America’s debt and make money? Invest in China?

Being 65 this year and having only $1M in 401(k)/IRA, I’m looking to retire at 70 to get the most of Social Security. Wish I didn’t have to count on it, but looks like I will. I’m always looking for some good, solid ideas. Thanks for what you do. – Reader J.N.


Hey, who threw that question in there? Weren’t we changing the subject?

It turns out lots of folks are worried about Social Security and the fate it hands us.

But good for you, J.N., for being ahead of the majority of Americans. You’ve got good money in the bank. And good for you for knowing that Social Security should only be a last resort. And better yet, good for you for being proactive and trying to find a better solution.

You’re a Manward kind of man.

Our answer is complex (which is why we devote much of our monthly printed newsletter and an entire research service to the idea of making money) but, specific to America’s debt problem, we consistently recommend gold, guns and bibles.

When trouble strikes, all three will soar in value.

Moving on for real this time…

Reader D.F. had good things to say about our recent article on the fox in our henhouse. It turns out the notion of personal accountability isn’t dead.

Great point and illustration of what is happening in our world. Rather than address the problem, admitting it is because of our actions, we tend to blame everyone else and the problems get worse.

Here’s another…

I really like your writer(s), your topics, your reason for being, i.e., Manward Digest… the truth you speak and the way you speak it. – Reader J.J.

As always, thanks for the kind words. We received a slew of positive feedback on that essay. We’re excited to have found so many like-minded folks to spew our thoughts to each day.

With that in mind, let’s get back to our roots and explore some old-fashioned Know-How.

I also suffered from numerous losses to the hen population of our coop.

We tried many different configurations but have finally come up with the best (so far) configuration of chicken coop inside a chicken pen inside a garden fence. I have approximately 1/4 to a 1/2 acre fenced with 4 foot welded wire fence, which includes four strands of electric on the posts up 6 feet tall at the top wire.

Inside this enclosure, I built a metal pole coop with a fenced-in run. In the winter, I usually leave the gate to the run open (snow build up) and have yet to lose a chicken as they fertilize the garden. Hope this helps. – Reader J.M.


Good stuff. We enjoyed this note for several reasons. Of course, it shows some good Know-How. But we also tip our hat to J.M. for showing that it doesn’t take much to build a bit of self-sufficiency. In this case, he’s doing it with just a few hundred square feet.

As the nation explores the notion of what it means to be a man, we hope the folks who dare step into the conversation read the words above.

Being a man means not relying on others… it means having the ability to sort the lies from the truth… and it means doing what it takes to overcome obstacles.

We’ll say it again. At the heart of every good man is our Triad – Liberty, Know-How and Connections.

We must nurture them just as we nurture the newborn sheep in our barn.

It’s the only way we’ll survive.

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