Mailbag: Fighting for the Truth, Legalizing Marijuana, and Getting Things Done

It’s not like we needed it… but we got it anyway.

We have all sorts of proof that our Triad makes folks healthier, happier and more successful. But wealth begets wealth, and good news begets good news.

So while we may not have asked for evidence that our Liberty, Know-How and Connections are changing lives… we sure got it.

As we dig into the mailbox this week, we see that our grand Connections are paying off. We see that our interview with Joel Salatin was a huge success. And we see that readers are gobbling up every word that Dr. Roberts puts on paper.

Let’s dig in.

Liberty Isn’t Free

We’ll start with reader comments to Joel’s interview last week.

I am amazed by the quality of this gentleman fighting for the truth in the middle of so many vicissitudes and lies to cope with. Congratulations for both of you.

I am a Venezuelan living in Venezuela, now under the ruthless government of a tyrant and traitor. Hunger and diseases run all over the land. Our food production went down over 50% as a result of farm expropriations, without compensation, to convert the country into a communist state subjected to the rule of Castroite hands, as in Cuba.

What happens in this country is well known, as it is that we are fighting back without the “benefits,” if it can be called that, of a Second Amendment, doubled by the treason of the military committed into widespread corruption.

Anyway, the reason for this note is that I would like to know when was the time the Salatin’s venture in farming was here, which I presume was before the Chavez epoch. Sorry for that, I extend my apologies to Joel. – Reader M.P.

Thanks, M.P. We have passed your note to Joel. As far as when he left Venezuela, it was in 1961… when Chavez was just a pup and several years before Maduro was born.

It’s proof that a regime change doesn’t change the land. For that, it takes cultural change.

It takes a country that’s willing to fight for Liberty… even if it means the end of the government-sponsored free lunch.

There’s no need to apologize to us, M.P. We get it.

We think your fellow countrymen need to apologize for letting that mess stir for so long. We fear that ignorance has trumped Know-How.

In Venezuela, it appears the path of least resistance has long been worn into a muddy mess.

It’s time to toss some boulders in the way.

Free Weed

A bit closer to home, it’s just the opposite. As Canada moved huge boulders out of the way of marijuana legalization, the topic (and the opportunities) is on plenty of minds.

While I don’t agree with everything that Joel S. said in his interview, it was informative.

I believe we want the government far less intrusive, but what is wrong with corporations making a legal profit? 

And although I would NEVER take drugs, I believe they ALL should be legalized. Let Merck and Pfizer manufacture them and CVS and Walgreens distribute them and it will put a serious bite in organized crime’s profits. Reader B.B.

Fair points all around. We nod in agreement.

As far as companies making a legal profit… we’ve got nothing against it. Our views on capitalism and the free markets are well-publicized. For our latest presentation on making money with penny pot stocks, click here.

We won’t put words in Joel’s mouth (we’ll seek his rebuttal), but we’ll make an educated guess and say that he’s got nothing against companies making money… as long as they’re doing it honestly, fairly and safely.

Again, tough points to argue.

I agree with Joel about legalizing drugs. The taxpayers have been getting fleeced for years due to political regulations.  

If a person wants to take drugs, then give him all he wants and let him deal with the aftermath. I don’t want to pay for an individual’s drug habits… that also goes for the most recent so-called “opioid crisis.” 

People can put whatever they want in their bodies – it is NO concern of mine. – Reader P.K.

Oh, if it were only that simple. Like so many things, what P.K. writes looks great on paper. In reality, though, it’s far less appealing.

But it’s not the idea that’s at fault. It rarely is.

The problem lies within the same frayed thread that’s quietly woven through all the comments above. The government simply can’t stick to its role.

It’s the idea of letting the individual “deal with the aftermath” that gets the gears all jammed up.

No vote-loving politician could ever get his fix by standing on his stump and saying “Meh, I won’t do anything. Let nature figure it out.”

It’s a grand idea… but it’s hell on election results.

Get More Done

Moving on…

Sir, today’s article was excellent, but the planner link did not work. Please reply to this email with the planner as an attachment. – Reader G.M. 

Hmmm… the link works on our end. But just in case others are having an issue, click here for the link to our popular (free!) daily planner.

And to read last week’s essay on productivity, click here.

Rounding for home, let’s head back to where we started… tipping our hat to the Triad.

Really enjoy the daily Manward Digest. How has the Triad helped me?

Focus… I’m centered most days by the simple yet powerful theme of your message. In a world that seems to point out all the “opportunities” you should be doing and are maybe not getting done, the Triad helps you to focus on what’s important. Apply the principals and you can finish in the satisfaction of improved self-esteem and confidence. Continue on! Reader M.N.

Keep the questions and comments coming. Email us at

P.S. We mentioned making money from the legalization of marijuana above. It’s a huge opportunity… that some are saying is the investment opportunity of a lifetime. On our end, we’re looking at it as a shot at HUGE income… as much as $11,505 a week. Click here for all the details.

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