Why Cancer in Men Is Soaring

Men, we’re under attack.

It’s a slow assault that’s gone virtually unnoticed. But we’re surrounded.

Our environment is toxic… our food is killing us… and even the water we drink is poisoning us.

It’s killing the very idea of manhood.

We recently unveiled some startling research in the June issue of Manward Letter. We showed several thousand subscribers the startling reason why men are, frankly, less manly today than they were just a generation ago.

The proof comes from a startling statistic: Testosterone levels have plunged 22%.

The reasons why are scary.


There’s growing evidence that much of America’s drinking water is polluted. It’s laced with traces of industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals that are slowly attacking our bodies.

But it’s not just our water. And it’s not just our testosterone levels that are out of whack.

For the last 40 years, scientists have quietly worried about declining sperm counts. Study after study showed trouble was brewing.

But it’s research released just last year that shows the truly awful conclusion.

This study detailed the findings of 138 reports submitted between 1980 and 2015. This granddaddy of all research projects sorted the good from the bad… it tossed tainted results… and it accounted for regional variations.

The results are startling.

Sperm counts in men across the globe plunged by 57% during the 35-year test period.

Clearly, we’re losing the war against our manhood. (Clearly, women should pay attention too.)

Like we said, our water plays a big role in what’s happening. It’s polluted with a host of chemicals.

But one of the leading dangers is found in far more than our water and our food.

These types of chemicals surround us. They’re in the food we eat… they’re in our cars… they’re in our bedrooms… they are even leeching out of cash register receipts.


They’re called xenoestrogens – or, using our knowledge of Greek roots, “foreign” estrogen.

Simply put, these chemicals mimic estrogen.

When they find their way into our bodies, they trigger the same sort of response that natural estrogen would.

Obviously, that can cause some problems… especially for men.

The effect on our prostate is a prime example.

This critical “manly” organ reacts to the estrogen our bodies normally produce. Once the receptors are triggered, the prostate is signaled to do what it does.

But when xenoestrogen gets to the prostate, the same signals are fired.

Put simply, it confuses our bodies.

It can lead to an overgrown prostate, inflammation and, a subject too many men are quickly learning about these days, prostate cancer.

Research released last year showed that metastatic prostate cancer climbed 72% in the decade prior to 2013. For men between the critical ages of 55 and 69… instances of the deadly disease rose 92%.

Again, we’re under attack.

There’s no doubt xenoestrogens played a leading role in this surge of cancer.


Avoiding the onslaught of nasty chemicals is nearly impossible. Like we said, they’re all around us… and in our water.

But there are a few key things you can do to minimize your exposure.

First, treat plastic like the enemy. It’s most folks’ No. 1 source of xenoestrogen.

You’ll likely recall the big BPA scare several years ago. The food industry was shaken when it was told to get the nasty cancer-causing chemical out of its products.

But guess what… BPA is still around. And so are several other just-as-nasty chemicals.

The worst thing we can do is heat our food in plastic. Some containers can take the heat… many cannot.

Those that can’t put off some horrific chemicals when put in the microwave or, yes, the dishwasher.

Get this… Xenoestrogen-containing plastics leech chemicals in your dishwasher – coating every other dish in the load.

Again, avoid eating anything from a plastic container.

Another chemical to watch for is propyl gallate, a preservative that’s been in our food for nearly 70 years. Look for it in the ingredient list of your favorite factory-fresh foods.

It’s in our candy… our processed meats and potatoes… and our snack foods.

Avoid it… research proves it does weird (and possibly deadly) things to our bodies.

As always, the best way to win this war is to eat as naturally as possible. Avoid processed foods. Stay away from factory-farmed meat. And, absolutely, don’t eat out of heated plastic.

Your manhood depends on it.

P.S. To learn how you can subscribe to Manward Letter and to learn about another grave threat to today’s men, click here. This everyday item that we all use was recently put in the same carcinogenic category as lead… engine exhaust… and chloroform. Hardly anybody is talking about it. Get all the research here.

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