Part Two of Our Interview With a Lunatic

What a ride.

Today we continue our conversational journey with Joel Salatin, a man who describes himself as a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer.

We unpacked much of what that means yesterday. But when we left off, we were just getting to the core of the idea.

To help us tackle that idea, we’ll ask Joel to do a bit of mythbusting.


Manward: When it comes to farming and our food, what’s the greatest myth? What’s the big lie that we all believe?

Joel Salatin: That we’re going to run out of food. Anyone who repeats that axiom is a friend of Monsanto, Bayer Corporation, et al. That includes the banking cartel, the industrial food oligopoly, etc.

If people believe we’re running out of food, they’ll accept any solution for security – chemicals, genetically modified organisms, nanotechnology, factory farms, etc. The thought that your grandchildren will starve strikes fear into your heart. So whenever people believe or say we’re running out of food, it ripens the peasants for picking from the industrial paradigm.

Right now, the world throws away more human-edible food than at any time in human history – nearly 50%. That means we could add 3.5 billion people tomorrow and have enough food for them all. This throw-away food is the result of numerous things. One is spoilage due to long-distance transportation and sell-by dates. Another is blemishes or imperfection. Another is simply segregation rather than integration of food systems. They are so far apart that a lot of waste occurs just trying to get stuff from one place to another. Damaged merchandise. And of course regulations.

Manward: We argue Americans have long been lied to about the virtue of hemp. It got wrongly tied up into the drug war… just as Big Oil, Big Chem and Big Pharma like it. What are your thoughts on hemp? Will it be America’s next big crop?

Joel Salatin: Industrial hemp is a wonderful fiber from a wonderful plant. That right now you can’t buy rope or baling twine made in America is downright immoral. Henry Ford made a car out of hemp. It was more durable and lighter than metal (the body, not the motor).

The untold economic and ecological leak caused by hemp criminalization is hard to fathom. Hemp was a primary farm product throughout American history until very recent times. Jefferson, Washington, et al. grew hemp as a cash fiber. As for legalizing hemp, I’m for legalizing everything – meth, cocaine, whatever. A government that can tell me I can’t take meth can tell me I can’t drink raw milk.

It’s all about someone else deciding what I can and can’t ingest, and that’s an invasion of privacy. Of course, I couple that with the fact that the government should have nothing to do with medical care.

The problem is that with the government owning my body via medical care, it has a vested economic interest in making sure I don’t consume something that orthodoxy thinks is damaging (like raw milk or homemade charcuterie). So you can’t have freedom without responsibility, and you can’t eliminate risk without tyranny.

Manward: Amen, I love the idea that freedom and responsibility walk hand in hand. It’s a refrain we sing often. It’s a powerful idea that we see ruining cultures and countries throughout history… and yet it’s a fleeting idea these days. What’s the No. 1 thing a person can do to preserve his freedom?

Joel Salatin: Earn as little as necessary and invest in self-reliance. Quit feeding the beast of globalism and tyranny.

Most of my life, I’ve lived under the poverty line. That does not mean I’m poor. We grow our own food, wear clothes from the thrift store, drive old, used cars, don’t eat out, have no TV, heat with our own firewood, mill our own lumber on our sawmill and pay our bills on time.

In short, we do not patronize the system that thrives on disrespecting peasants.

Manward: And, finally, everything we do at Manward focuses on what we call our Triad. That’s the idea that a man needs just three things to be happy and healthy. He needs his Liberty, his Know-How and his Connections. Which of the three do you believe is more important?

Joel Salatin: Liberty. Without it, you can’t be free to get Know-How or develop Connections.

Manward: Okay… one more question. You’re a prolific thinker and writer. What’s your latest project? What thoughts and ideas are you excited to get in the hands of the masses?

Joel Salatin: A couple of months ago, I started an almost daily blog with two-minute posts: Musings From the Lunatic Farmer. It’s a way to bring people along.

We live in the coaching era. We have wellness coaches, financial coaches, self-help coaches, diet coaches, etc. I realize people need a “how to connect the dots” coach. Few people in my food and farm space have the eclectic background I do and the ability to speak from a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic platform. So little vignettes gradually move people to a new way of understanding.

——– End of Interview ——–

That’s it… words straight from the mouth of a Manward kind of man.

We tip our hat to Joel and everything he has done, is doing and will do.

We’d love your thoughts and opinions on the interview. Send us a note at

P.S. As of October 17, weed is officially legal in Canada. It’s a big win for Liberty. And, understandably, marijuana companies are getting snapped up like crazy. But those investors don’t know what I know. To hear about two of my favorite pot stocks – and how I found them – click here.

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