Introducing the Brand-New Manward Apprenticeship Program

Oh my… this looks like trouble.

We got a whiff of a new bill snaking its why through New Mexico’s legislature.

If it passes, every student will be forced to apply to at least one college before they’re handed a diploma.


We might as well have them fill out a credit application while they’re at it. And how about we line them up with a balloon mortgage, too?

Digging deeper, we find there would be exceptions to this new law…

If a student can show they’ve signed up for the military… are attending a vocational program… or have been accepted into an internship or vocational school… they won’t need to apply to college.

It’s a step in the right direction, for sure.

But what about getting a job helping with the old man’s business?

What about taking some time to work in the real world before figuring out just how we want to spend the rest of our lives?

No mention.

Reality rarely gets the attention it deserves in such matters.

And, guess what, the plans need to be approved by a parent… AND a school guidance counselor.


Apparently the government is in the business of life planning now… or maybe it just needs to boost enrollment at its bloated state-run schools.

Government Approved

Sadly, laws like these are the wave of the future.

After all, New Mexico isn’t the only jurisdiction pushing kids to college. Rahm Emanuel (of course) recently launched similar legislation in Chicago.

Because of it, we’re convinced we’ve said goodbye to our beloved blue-collar America. In its place, we shake the flimsy, weak hand of an over-schooled, debt-ridden version of our nation that’s too book smart to get out of its own way.

But we won’t sit here and merely gripe. That’s not our way.

We’re doing something about it.

We’re launching the Manward apprenticeship program… and we’re turning to readers to help us get it started.

We’re serious.

Now Hiring

You see, this little passion project of ours has taken off like we never imagined.

Over the last year, we’ve gotten the support of hundreds of thousands of readers. We launched a monthly newsletter that builds on everything we believe in… and we created a trading advisory that’s making folks wealthier – and freer – by the day (we just saw yet another position surge past the triple-digit mark).

But we’re not stopping there. We have big plans for the years ahead.

And that means we need some help.

We’re hiring our first ever apprentice.

Our requirements are simple. The person who gets the role will be…

  • Like-minded
  • Hardworking
  • Filled with a passion to explore new ideas
  • Excited and knowledgeable enough to make what we do even better
  • And unafraid to tell it like it is.

We don’t care about their education. We don’t care if their guidance counselor would rather have them be an art history major (we heard the program’s attendance is waning and could use some funding). And we don’t care if the person graduated summa cum laude from the school of hard knocks.

We simply want somebody who is smart, loves the exercise of thinking and is eager to be a crucial part of a movement that’s bigger than themselves – plus they have to want to work with us from our office in a historic part of Baltimore.

In exchange, we’ll compensate them quite generously.

If you know somebody who fits the bill (or if it’s you), have them look at our work and answer these three questions in an email to

  • What are we all about?
  • What would you do next to get our mission in front of even more folks?
  • Why was your high school guidance counselor wrong?

We’ll look through all the candidates and hire the very best.

It’s the Manward apprenticeship program… our way of fighting back.

The world doesn’t need more kids with expensive, debt-funded degrees. And we certainly don’t need some bureaucrat signing off on their plans.

We just need more folks who are willing to put in a hard day’s work.

We’re excited to hire one of them.

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