Why Healthcare Prices Are About to Plunge

It’s one more victory for our old pal Liberty.

After Obama and his crew gave the healthcare system a whopping slap of populism, the free markets are clawing their way back onto the scene.

We applaud the effort… and look forward to a few extra bucks in our pocket.

You’ve likely heard the news. But we assure you that you haven’t heard the truth.

There are two big stories in the headlines.

One got lots of attention simply for the names involved.

The other got little attention – not because it isn’t newsworthy but because no billionaires have their money at stake… nobody’s butt got pinched… and woe is me, say the headline writers, Trump’s got nothing to do with it.

The first story represents the next chapter in the story of the decade.

Heroes of Capitalism

We’ve long believed Jeff Bezos has more to do with the nation’s missing inflation than anything the Fed could ever dream of.

When he launched Amazon, he launched a platform that would shake the core of the nation’s retail sector… slashing prices and stopping consumer-level inflation in its tracks.

And now that Bezos has apparently teamed up with Warren Buffett and the folks in the corner offices at JPMorgan to work similar magic in the healthcare industry, we predict all hell is about to break loose in the slimy game of healthcare.

If you haven’t caught wind of what’s happening, the trio aims to bring “transparency, knowledge and control” to its employees by launching a healthcare company of their own.

It’s a serious threat to what’s become a virtually government-mandated status quo…

Buffett and Bezos have both been staunch supporters of Obamacare. The former even called a previous legislative attempt to repeal Obamacare the “Relief for the Rich Act.”

But money – especially to these boys – talks louder than politics.

“The ballooning costs of healthcare act as a hungry tapeworm on the American economy,” Buffett said this week, virtually admitting what’s good for the American people apparently isn’t good enough for his employees.

But not everybody thinks the deep-pocketed trio will do any good.

“It is a bit arrogant to think three big firms are going to come in and kind of re-invent healthcare,” said Zack Cooper, an economist at Yale School of Public Health.

“It is like healthcare companies saying they don’t like their telephones or computers so they are going to re-invent the IT industry.”

We wag our finger at Mr. Cooper.

Lest he forget… these three exact men played a leading role in destroying the American economy… building it back up… and tossing countless mom-and-pops onto the street.

If they want to lower the price of healthcare, they’ll do it.

And as any good capitalist will tell you, they won’t need a single stroke from a politician’s pen.

Drug Money

But like we promised, there’s another angle to the story… the angle that will find far less attention from the press.

It’s the news that four of America’s largest hospitals have pointed a finger (we’ll let you choose which one) at the nation’s government-blessed drugmakers.

The hospitals refuse to be at the mercy of a handful of FDA-sanctioned drug companies.

They’re fighting back not with lobbying dollars and legislation… but with the most powerful weapon in all the land – competition.

The hospitals are going into the drug business.

They’ll make their own. And they say they’ll do it cheaper and better than what we’ve gotten from our rigged system.

We applaud them.

This is the way the system is supposed to work, folks.

If we want the prices of our drugs to fall and if we don’t want to be robbed blind at the doc’s office… we can’t put our hope in a political system that has anything but our best interests in mind.

We must rely on the economy’s natural forces.

That’s where true Liberty lies.

We’re about to see a turnaround in the healthcare industry… a new era that’s led by falling prices.

Politicians will be jealous.

And capitalists will be proud.

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