Inside the Fed Battle Over Weed and Gun Rights

It’s the worst nightmare for many Liberty lovers. Police are knocking on doors and taking guns.

The problem started last year in Hawaii. But now it’s spread to Washington, California, Pennsylvania and at least 26 other states.

What’s happening is likely to build into a major showdown… one that could cost you your freedom.

It’s another example of government gone wild.

States all across the country are bowing to the demands of their citizens and legalizing marijuana. It’s no longer a crime to get high within their borders.

That is, of course, unless you own a gun.

The state may not care if you smoke some weed and own a gun, but Uncle Sam sure does.

In his mind, marijuana is still quite illegal. Take part in the activity, and you’ll lose your right to own or possess a gun.

Here’s Section 11E of the ATF form all potential gun buyers must fill out.

section 11e atf form firearms

Check “yes,” and your chances of buying a gun go up in smoke.

But in places like Hawaii, it’s not just hopeful gun purchasers who are running into trouble. Nope, just registering for a medical marijuana card is enough to trigger some cross-database alarms.

They’re Watching You

“Your medical marijuana use disqualifies you from ownership of firearms and ammunition,” Honolulu police Chief Susan Ballard wrote to a medical marijuana cardholder late last year. “If you currently own or have any firearms, you have 30 days upon receipt of this letter to voluntarily surrender your firearms, permit and ammunition to the Honolulu Police Department or otherwise transfer ownership.”

There’s a lot here that makes us scratch our head.

First, of course, is the fact that gun ownership is not only being tracked by the Honolulu police department but being cross-referenced with what could easily be presumed as confidential patient data from the Department of Health.

“Checking the database is now part of the department’s standard background verification for all gun applicants,” said a police department spokesman.

And let’s be clear… officials are only looking for marijuana use.

Opioids may be much more dangerous and linked to many more deadly gun crimes, but there are no rules that keep opioid users from buying guns.

That’s what makes this debate so intriguing.

Boiled down, it’s clear that it has nothing to do with public safety or our oh-so-important Second Amendment rights.

No, this is entirely a state’s rights fight.

It’s the state vs. the feds… and we’re all mere pawns.

The Bigger Fight: Concealed Carry Reciprocity

But if you’ve been paying attention, you know this fight goes much deeper than just the latest debate about weed. Gun rights advocates, after all, have had a very close eye on House Bill 38 – the bill that would allow legal gun carriers from one state to carry in another.

Right now, the license issued in most states that allows a person to carry a gun is not recognized by most other states. Unlike with driver’s or marriage licenses, each state determines which carry licenses it recognizes.

It’s created a flat-out mess of a system… with many good guys turning into accidental felons each year.

H.R. 38 looks to solve the problem.

It would forgo each state’s right to determine which credentials to recognize and would instead create a system of national concealed carry reciprocity. A license to carry in one state would be just as valid as one issued by another state – just like our licenses to drive.

The bill easily passed the House late last year with rare bipartisan support. But now it sits with the Senate, where it’s expected to languish.

Again, the debate behind the bill is rich and complex. The current system is so antiquated and backward that fixing it will take a lot more work than any swamp dweller in Washington has ever been caught doing.

But what’s most likely to slow things down is a confusing twist of party lines.

Ultimately, this is a state’s rights issue. Does the state have the right to legalize weed? Does the state have the right to deny a license issued by another state?

According to party lines, the pro-gun crowd would be in favor of the states getting the last say. The federal government should stay out of it.

But in this case, that’s far from the answer we Liberty-seeking folks are looking for.

It’s the great conundrum of the gun debate. And until folks can use their heads to think for themselves and not merely be mouthpieces for their parties, the fight will continue.

And as it does… Americans will lose more and more of their constitutional rights.

This is an issue worth paying attention to.

Our Liberty is on the line.

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