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This is our favorite sector of the stock market to invest in right now… and it’s all because of a bit of news you likely didn’t hear from the mainstream press.

The folks at CNN and NBC like to tout how divided Washington is.

They convince us that the parties in office are so inept that nothing sane could possibly get done.

But it’s a selfish trick.

Don’t fall for it.

Washington is certainly divided. In many ways it has never been worse. But Washington is not divided on one huge – and vastly overlooked – sector of the economy.

For proof, we turn to a law that was just passed with a nearly perfect vote.

The Senate approved America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 by a huge 99-to-1.

The lone “no” came from a Republican who demanded more from the bill.

That means every Democrat crossed the aisle to push the $6 billion measure forward. It means Washington agrees on something. And it means billions of dollars are now flowing into a key sector of the nation’s economy.

An Inside Tip

We broke bread with the CEOs of several companies last week. They represented firms ranging from finance to motorcycle sales.

But it was the gentlemen working in the nation’s infrastructure sector that had the biggest smiles on their faces.

For them, times are good.

We spoke with the boss at a major American chemical company.

He said he can’t make enough of some products. His customers are buying everything he’s got.

We heard the same story from the head man at a high-end metal maker. The airline industry he serves has backlogs that are years long. The parts he’s making today were ordered many months ago.

And we heard it from a company that’s dredging the nation’s waterways. It’s buying new ships, hiring new workers and gobbling up the competition wherever it can.

It makes sense.

If Washington can agree on anything… it’s spending money.

Remember these signs?


As the nation worked to recover from the 2008 financial disaster, Obama called for a $50 billion infrastructure plan.

The plan even made sign makers rich.

The DOT admitted it spent over $5 million on signs just like the one above. At Washington’s Dulles Airport, authorities spent $10,000… on a single sign.

It’s no wonder our pals in the corner offices are giving us a bullish wink.

Cashing In

They know that as fears of an economic slowdown grow, Washington is going to make a bipartisan effort to send money (big money) their way.

The nearly unanimous bill above is proof.

Add in Trump’s executive orders to slash regulations and streamline the spending process and we’ve got the makings for a flat-out boom in the infrastructure space.

But let’s not forget that Trump quietly introduced a spending plan earlier this year that dwarfs Obama’s generous ways.

If he gets his way, state and federal governments will unleash a wave of $1.5 trillion worth of bridge, road and waterworks spending.

If we had to guess, we’d say that huge 99-to-1 vote means the president will get his way.

It’s looking more and more like the opposing party is on his side.

“They want infrastructure, I want infrastructure,” Trump said. “There’s something that can bring us together.”

We don’t care about the politics of it.

We merely smile at the opportunity.

The stars are aligned and the market’s No. 1 opportunity is clear.

Infrastructure ain’t sexy… but it’s hot.

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