Doing Great Things Together: Will You Join Us?

This is it.

We’re putting our money where our mouth (or our pen) is. We’re taking this little passion project of ours to the next level.

But be warned… most readers will be left behind.

This is big. It’s the culmination of all that we’ve done – so far.

The seed of the idea was planted during my time living and working in remote Alaska. Oddly enough, way up there in the middle of nowhere is where I broke bread with some of the most influential folks in the country.

Men like…

  • The nation’s largest landowner
  • An heir to the Walmart throne (which we imagine is simply an imported 5-gallon bucket plated in thick gold)
  • A world-renowned artist
  • A famous movie producer (we were featured on his Christmas card)
  • And – who could ever forget – the lonely butcher from Virginia.

These men all did great things on their own. But we’ve always wished we could have brought them all together at once.

They could have done even greater things together.

We’ll never know whether they could have changed the world (perhaps that’s a job only the great maker of it all could handle these days), but we’re sure the group could have changed lives.

Take the butcher from Virginia, for instance.

He was single, simple and easy to talk to.

He spent a huge chunk of his life savings to get to Alaska.

We’re not sure why he told us that… every chance he got. Was it to put some pressure on us? Was it buyer’s remorse that weighed on his mind like the purchase of an expensive diamond ring? Or was he simply admitting defeat or celebrating victory… that his whole life led to spending a week in a life-altering environ?

We think it was the latter.

In fact, scratching our head a bit more this morning, we’re convinced it is.

Who Am I?

You see, this butcher from Virginia did what so many other men did when they hopped from the old brown floatplane onto the dock and shook our hand.

They told us their first name, where they’re from and what sort of job they drove to each morning.

The butcher from Virginia was no different.

He was still the butcher even though he was celebrating his retirement.

Knowing he was by himself and, more importantly, that we’ve never had the social bandwidth to entertain ourselves let alone somebody else for a week, we introduced him to some of the other folks that were visiting.

One was a mutual fund manager. Another ran a national construction company. And another was a preacher.

It turned out that the simple butcher from Virginia wasn’t so simple.

Cutting up hogs all day gives a man time to think.

He told us his theory on economic inequality. He told us the troubles with our food supply. And he told us the sad reason he was never married.

It’s been well over a decade since we last saw the butcher… but we think of him often.

He changed our life. And, if his words were truthful, we changed his.

He went from celebrating a life well-lived to launching a new one – all because of the folks he surrounded himself with and the pristine place where he chose to do it.

That’s why we’re so excited.

Doing It Again… But Even Better

We’re taking what we learned, what we did and what we’re doing now to a brand-new level.

We’re gathering 20 men and heading to one of the world’s most beautiful spots… and we will rewrite the lives of everybody involved.

We apologize that the details are still scarce. We only just signed the contract.

But we know that we have room for 20 men to join us (and a handful of special guests) late next September at Maine’s famed Hidden Pond retreat – the same place the Bush family just celebrated the wedding of their daughter.

There’ll be campfires… world-class food… and great conversations.

We’ll focus on all angles of the Triad.

We’ll examine our Liberty, Know-How and Connections in ways that can be done only in such an exquisite place… with extraordinary people.

Again, we’ll share plenty more details as we get them.

But we’ve got only enough individual cottages for 20 folks. So we will have to turn many readers away.

If you want to make sure your name is on our invitee list, drop us an email here and simply tell us you’re interested and, preferably, why you think you should be one of the 20 folks to join us.

Your email won’t obligate you to anything. It simply gives us an easy way to contact you when we have more details.

Again, drop us an email by clicking here.

This is going to be fun.

Our passion project is growing up… fast.

Be well,


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