Healthy Living Starts With Adding This Superfood to Your Daily Diet

The line was long at our local pharmacy this week as the town’s sick and tired waited for their pills.

It’s a good time of year to be pushing drugs.

Antibiotics are flowing like cheap champagne at a wedding. And just as with the swillish bubbly, folks are taking what they’ve been handed… but aren’t all that happy about it.

It’s no secret that America has a problem with antibiotics. They’re overprescribed, misused and increasingly ineffective.

Part of the problem is that our society has become sterile. Not only is the truth being whitewashed until the nightly news is entirely inoffensive, but so is everything around us.

We wash our hands in little more than fine-smelling bleach. We wipe our countertops with chemicals that could kill a cow. And, the silent killer, our food is as dead as the paper we read each morning.

This Superfood Brings Out the Health Within Us

Nearly half of the food ingested by modern man is dead. The vitamins have been refined out. The fiber and minerals are all but gone. But it sure does taste good… and leaves us wanting more.

The list of “dead” food is long.

Bread. Pasta. Sugar. Frozen meals. Fried food. Most of the stuff you’d find on a cheap restaurant menu.

It’s perfectly possible to live on these foods… especially if you don’t mind standing in line for your drugs. Fortunately (certainly it’s not coincidental), we conquered the realm of modern medicine just as we mastered the art of processing our food.

But there is a better way.

Perhaps it’s the 20/20 vision of hindsight, but many doctors and scientists are now realizing that the diets of our ancestors were far better at fighting off ailments than we realized.

Really, we don’t have to go all that far back in history to see the idea at work.

In the 1950s, for example, Europe was struck by an epidemic of typhoid. Few things seemed able to slow it down.

But then astute observers realized that fresh sauerkraut – a fermented food that’s alive with beneficial bacteria – was quite effective at killing off the bad bacteria that caused typhoid.

Later, scientists realized that a naturally occurring strain of lactic acid found in sourdough bread is surprisingly effective at killing the deadly superbugs that are increasingly resistant to modern antibiotics.

Doctors following the development are astonished the mainstream world of medicine hasn’t caught on to the powerful effects of food that’s “alive” with beneficial bugs.

Then again, these are likely the same pharmaceutical-backed docs pushing high-priced opioids. It’s a whole lot easier for Big Pharma to make a buck or two selling antibiotics than it is to push a good sauerkraut recipe.

The Health Within Us

The truth is that as much as 70% of our immune system is based in our gut. That means when we kill the good bacteria that live in our gut by eating dead, processed foods, we’re taking a dagger directly to the delicate system that keeps us healthy.

Dead food is cheap, easy and convenient, but it destroys our body’s ability to fight for itself.

It forces us to rely on modern medicine and pills that are becoming less effective with each meal.

Instead of eating dead food, we must eat food that’s rich in the sort of good bacteria that feeds our healthy gut… probiotics.

Recent research by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition used big words to sum it up.

“Probiotic bacteria are shown to promote the endogenous host defense mechanisms… [and] stimulate nonspecific host resistance to microbial pathogens.”

In other words… good bacteria beats bad bacteria.

As the Germans taught us, fermented foods – like sauerkraut, pickles, raw cheese, yogurt and kefir – are far better at keeping us healthy than many modern chemicals.

Our culture may be trying to sterilize all that we do and eat… but we must resist it.

We’ll be a whole lot healthier.

Plus we won’t have to waste our time standing in line at the pharmacy.

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