The Mysterious Thing That Saved One Man’s Life

We got our hands dirty over the weekend. A man needs to do that.

We put our worldly thoughts aside… forgot about the latest ups and downs of the stock market… and let our hands get to work.

By Sunday afternoon, we had rewired the old pump house, winterized the summer kitchen and opened a path from one side of the woodlot to the other.

We went to bed tired, accomplished and happy.

It was a firm reminder of the immense power of our Triad.

It’s not our money that sets us free. It’s not the title on our business card or the size of our house. It’s a healthy dose of Liberty, Know-How and Connections.

We used all three to get our jobs done. And it paid off.

It felt good.

Like we said, a man needs to do those things.

But we can hear readers begging an important question.

“But… Mr. Manward,” they say.

“Call us Andy… no need for formalities.”

“But Andy,” they say, “If I don’t have my health and I don’t have my wealth, nothing else matters.”

We hear it often.

It’s wrong.

If you don’t have your Liberty, your Know-How and your Connections, nothing else matters.

Have those three things – the Triad, of course – and everything else will fall into place.

A Miracle Man

We haven’t mentioned it all that much, but we’re working on our latest book. It offers an incredible look at some of the hidden secrets of the modern healthcare world, and it details dozens of natural cures that are proven to boost health and change lives.

While researching one of the cures, we found a story that perfectly proves the power of the Triad.

It’s about a man who had a mysterious illness. It started with flu-like symptoms… but the pain got worse and worse until, within just 12 hours of the onset, he was on life support.

His doctors were forced to amputate his lower legs and most of his fingers.

His Liberty, as you can imagine, was gone.

But it gave the man something to fight for… and he did.

He got his Liberty back thanks to a Connection and some superior Know-How.

A friend named Cheryl told him about a big study out of a tiny school. It showed promising results for a little-known, natural cure.

With nothing to lose, he gave it a try.

His doctors were stunned. It worked. Wounds that refused to heal after nine months of conventional treatment… suddenly healed “just like that,” the man said.

Of course, we’re only skimming the surface here. There’s much more to the story and a whole lot more to learn from it.

But our point is simple. It’s not “health” or “wealth” that we need. Those are merely the outcomes of our actions.

After all, our sick man couldn’t snap his fingers and restore his health. But the Triad sure did.

How to Use the Triad

To prove we’re serious about the notion, we’ll take a few essays over the coming weeks to tackle the sorts of subjects that keep us up at night. We’ll take an in-depth look at specifically how to use the Triad to stomp out our biggest issues.

Things like health and wealth, of course. But we’ll also explore what it means for our time and our productivity… our relationships… and, if we’re feeling daring, we may even stick our nose into the realm of politics.

It’ll prove that if we focus on those three bold ideas known as our Triad, our lives will be a whole lot better.

You won’t need to get your hands dirty… but we bet you’ll want to.


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