Our Three-Step Plan to Get Anything You Want

Some days we wonder how we’ve stayed alive this long.

As we were rolling down our driveway atop a ladder that was, yes, atop a runaway flatbed trailer, the thought popped into our head once again.

The plan was sound. At least, it started that way.

Instead of climbing to the top rung of the ladder and stretching to reach what needed fixed, we’d hook the truck to the trailer, pull it to where we needed it and toss the ladder on top.

Voila! We got an easy couple of feet of extra reach.

Like most half-cocked plans, it worked well… until it didn’t.

Things started to go downhill, quite literally, when we unhooked the truck to run an errand.

Apparently the pickup was the anchor in our system – as once the trailer was set free, my weight atop the ladder was enough to get things rolling.

It was hard to reach our work as we slowly drifted away from it.

We wonder what Mrs. Manward thinks. (It’s probably something about life insurance.)

Build Your Foundation

But there is good news in our little incident. It got us thinking.

What are we, we pondered, without a firm foundation.

The answer is clear. We saw it way up there on the ladder… clear as the springtime sky.

Without a strong foundation to build on, we’re adrift in our work, never getting a good grasp on what’s in front of us.

That simple idea means big things for your money, your love life and even your health.

If you don’t start with something big and strong beneath your feet, you’re doomed. You will fail (and probably embarrass yourself).

To save you the pain, here are the three things that will help you build the sort of foundation that virtually ensures you’ll meet your goals.

First… get organized.


You must know exactly what you’ll need, how much of it you’ll need and where it all will go.

This is a lesson we learned early on. We’ve built a few houses in our day. We’ve even dug a few footers by hand.

Building your personal foundation is just like building a home’s foundation. First, we must determine what’s going on it.

What do we want? Will it be a single-story home? A towering beast? It matters… a lot.

After that, we must know exactly where it goes – and not “approximately” where it goes, but down to the inch. If not, what we build will never be square and true.

After that, we need to know how many blocks we’ll need and how much mortar it will take to glue it all together. If we fail at this crucial step, we’ll end up short. We’ll never reach our goal.

If we want a firm foundation, we must be organized.

Again, it’s the same idea if we’re building a house, building strong relationships or working to build a fortune.

Do It Again… and Again

Once we know what we want and how to get it, we need to make building it a habit.

That’s why we fully embrace a life of routine and habit.

It sounds boring, but done right it is anything but. Good habits, we remind you, build great things.

Plan your day the night before. Start it on time and focused on what you must accomplish for the day.

Most important, stick to the plan no matter what happens.

With practice you’ll find that this simple idea is what makes your foundation unshakable. Life tends to throw us a distraction at every turn. The dog might die. Stocks may fall. The trailer may roll away.

If you know where you’re headed and stick to what you know will get you there, you can’t go wrong.

It’s Who You Know

Finally, build your foundation on solid ground.

Even the best-made buildings will crumble if the ground around them shakes or falls away.

If you build your foundation on sand, prepare for it to sink. If you build it on a cliff, prepare to hold it up.

This is why the people in our lives are so important. It’s our Connections that will hold us up when we need the support the most.

If we aren’t surrounded by solid folks, surely what we build cannot stand.

Just like we would wisely pass on building on a swamp, be selective of who’s in your life. They play a critical role in determining whether you’ll reach your goals.

All of this is true no matter what you’re looking to accomplish.

Whether your aim is to get in shape… get hitched… or get rich… you must start with a solid foundation.

Simply follow the three steps outlined here.

Know what you want. Stick to your plan. And surround yourself with good folks.

As for us, well, we’ve built a grand foundation. Now we just need a taller ladder.

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