The Sad Way a French 80-Year-Old Died

The protestors outside her window were getting loud. The police had shown up and stirred quite a shouting match.

As the 80-year-old woman from Marseille walked to her apartment windows to pull them shut, a canister of tear gas hurtled through the air.

It hit her in the head and killed her.

Liberty found her latest victim… a little old lady just trying to quiet the noise.

It’s just as we said yesterday. Socialism comes at a great cost.

For generations, the folks in France were eager to give up their Liberty. They wrongly believed a growing government, its reams of choice-eradicating regulations and handouts to all would make life grand.

In the heads of folks too lazy to think about much more than the color of the sky, it felt good.

The government would provide.

The French traded their Liberty in the name of easy living.

And now… old ladies are being conked in the head by tear gas grenades.

Fueling the Anger

The mainstream press is reporting on the monthlong protests in France just as it reports on most things – from the surface and via its chosen political bias.

They tell us the protestors are angry about France’s new fuel tax – a tax that pushes a gallon of gasoline to well over $7 in the country.

President Emmanuel Macron blames the environmental crowd.

“We have to tax fossil fuels more in order to fund our investments in renewable,” he said.

The high taxes are designed not only to pad the coffers of folks supplying alternative forms of energy (which are far from competitive even when gas is approaching the $10-per-gallon level) but also to get folks to turn away from fossil fuels.

Macron says the increased fuel taxes are part of his effort to combat climate change, to persuade French drivers to exchange diesel-fueled cars for cleaner models.

Getting What They Asked For

French voters shouldn’t be surprised by the move. After all, polls show that climate change was the nation’s third-largest concern amongst voters – climbing some 14 points over the last time such things were measured.

That’s a point worth repeating.

It’s important.

Folks are burning cars and smashing windows… because they got exactly what they wanted.

They want clean energy, they want free money for all and they want the protection of immense regulations… but they sure as hell don’t want to pay for it.

Meanwhile, it’s only going to get worse.

Macron – vowing to the voters, again – is closing all the country’s coal-fired power plants and shutting down 14 of the country’s nuclear reactors.

With news like that, we can only suppose the new power plants will run on France’s ultimate renewable resource: protester power.

But, alas, it’s not just rising fuel prices that have the Frenchies up in arms.

After all, fuel prices in France aren’t all that higher than anywhere else in Europe – where, on average, the government grabs 60% of the pump cost (about twice the average tax as here in the States).

Oh no… they’re mad about all the Liberty that’s been stripped from their souls.

For instance, scores of high schoolers recently took to the streets to protest educational and exam reforms.

Ambulance drivers skipped work recently and picketed new reforms that are changing their industry.

And the last time we visited the city, taxi drivers purposefully gridlocked the streets while they protested the arrival of Uber.

It’s the same old things in a land that long ago sold its Liberty.

The folks in France have a robust history of voting for a government that promises to trade Liberty for “fairness.”

But in the end, all they’ve gotten was a bigger government, endless regulation and, the sad part, a populace that still isn’t happy.

It proves that government meddling isn’t the solution. It never has been.

They may not know it, but the angry folks donning yellow jackets in France aren’t begging for a change in the law. They’re begging to get their Liberty back.

Without it… nobody is happy.

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