The Fed Is Screwed

This is what we’ve long feared.

It puts our money, our economy and our Liberty on the line.

You see, at the start of the year, we picked up our pen and told Manward Letter subscribers what sorts of events we see unfolding throughout the year.

We hit two main ideas – the “evolving” idea of manhood and the infiltration of politics into everything around us.

We won’t pat ourselves on the back… we’ll let the headlines of the last 10 months speak for themselves.

The latest bold words atop the page are quite scary. Our money and our economy have gone political.

Powell for President

We’ve covered Trump’s comments on the Federal Reserve here before. The media says such bantering with the nation’s monetary maestros is unprecedented. But the maestros tell us a different story. They say it’s long been part of the job.

What’s new, though, are the suggestions that the Federal Reserve may be doing some campaigning of its own.

The same man that said the Fed was nuts and infamously claimed “they know nothing” is now begging Americans to think of the situation a bit differently.

Jim Cramer is the talking head of talking heads. He’s the human sound bite generator the mainstream media uses to control the nation’s economic narrative.

What he says tonight, in other words, America says tomorrow.

So when we quote him, we don’t do it out of respect for his opinion, we do it for the weight of his words.

When we heard that Cramer pondered aloud this week that Fed Chief Jerome Powell may be using the nation’s monetary policy to actively campaign against Trump… he got our attention.

He sees what we see.

“Maybe he wants Trump to lose,” the former hedge fund boss told his crowd of millions of Americans.

Maybe, he said, Powell and his troops are sticking to such hawkish policy not because it’s what’s good for you and your money… but because it’s what’s good for their politics.

If it’s true, we’re in big trouble.

Sadly, we see no other reality.

Saving Face

The Federal Reserve has been poked in the chest into a very tight corner.

Trump has made many comments about the Fed’s rate-raising ways. It’s clear that he finds it a threat to his legacy. His tweet this week, which quotes another of TV’s talking heads, made it clear that he agrees the market’s big October slump is due to fears of rising rates.

Here’s the tweet:

The president, or in this case, the Wells Fargo analyst, is not wrong. If the Fed decides not to raise rates, investors will be quite happy. Stocks will surge.

But us lovers of Liberty shouldn’t be smiling. We should be scratching our head, wondering how this mess will play out.

The way we see it, we’ve now entered no-win territory.

If the Fed raises rates in December, it will no longer be due to economic rationale. Inflation continues to lag, and now there are plenty of signs of a slowing economy. In fact, as we endure the tightest monetary policy since the Volcker administration (when rates soared above 10% before two nasty recessions), raising rates on a burgeoning pile of national debt could be flat-out deadly.

But common sense has been brushed aside in the name of politics.

If Powell instead cedes to the president’s demands, the Fed will instantly be perceived as being under the command of the Oval Office. The media will destroy any sense of independence – perhaps for good.

We don’t envy Powell. Put bluntly… he’s screwed.

But here’s the thing… so are you.

Our prediction came true. Politics are everywhere. From the TV shows you watch to the sneakers you wear to the food you eat, they’re all enveloped by the dank fog of politics.

Watch out as it infiltrates our monetary system.

Your Liberty is on the line.

We recently released a full presentation on the Fed’s only other alternative. If what we predict comes true again, we could be in for quite a surprise on December 18. It means you must take five simple steps right now. Click here for more.

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