Are Your Drugs on This List?

Wow, would you look at that… another drug from Big Pharma that’s actually killing us.


If you haven’t heard, the FDA has a bit of a mess on its hands these days.

It turns out there are a handful of blood pressure drugs on the market that could be causing cancer… and the FDA is trying to find ‘em.

The latest culprit comes in the form of a tablet known as losartan potassium hydrochlorothiazide. Some batches of the so-called lifesaver were accidentally tainted with N-nitrosodimethylamine… or simply NDMA.

If you’re in the oil biz, you may know the chemical.

It’s the same stuff that’s used to stabilize gasoline. And, as the mice asked to test the stuff would guess, it causes cancer.


One of Many

Of course, this drug from Sandoz isn’t the only tainted pill on the market.

The FDA has been playing a fine game of “but wait… there’s more” ever since the folks in Washington took a trip to China to inspect the place where many of America’s drugs hail from.

In July, five blood pressure meds were pulled from the market.

In August, the list grew some more.

And then a blood pressure drug known as Irbesartan was recalled.

With so many announcements, we wonder if any drugs are safe. Then again, we wonder if there’s anybody who’s capable of telling us.


The FDA, of course, won’t take the blame for letting the cancer-causing drugs into the States. No, in typical D.C. fashion, it begs us to pat the bloated agency on the back.

Look at what we found, it says, as if it’s a cat laying lil’ Johnny’s pet hamster at our doorstep. It’s hitting the press circuit and telling anybody who will believe it that the findings are the result of “increased scrutiny.”

It makes us wonder just where the scrutiny has been all these years.

“We are planning to test all the Valsartan products [another blood pressure drug] in the United States for this impurity,” said Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

Good idea, we say. No word of a timeline, though.

Plus, she reminds us that what the FDA is doing is hard stuff.

It’s a big job testing all those drugs.

“The field is stretched,” she said. “But we do what we can. We get to the highest-risk places every year.”

That’s all we ask of our tax dollars, right? Just do what you can, Washington.

What a sham.

Know-How Saves Lives

Of course, America has nobody but herself to blame.

At the same time we shipped our welding and riveting jobs overseas, we sent our drugmaking tasks to the same far-off ports.

We don’t even make penicillin in this country anymore.

Nope, China does it cheaper.

But as with most things… they sure don’t do it better.

Right now, eight out of 10 drugs in American pill cabinets contain compounds that started their lives in either China or India.

And yet the FDA is quick to admit it can’t possibly be responsible for monitoring and testing drugs made in other countries.

It’s scary stuff that should serve as a serious wake-up call.

Just because your sterile, lab-coated doc is prescribing a couple of pills… it doesn’t mean they’re safe. In many ways, it’s safer to get a hit of heroin from the guy on the street corner.

At least his insurance policy and its team of lawyers won’t protect him from harm.

Americans have grown ignorant to the variables (and government meddling) within our healthcare system. We blindly pick a doc and swallow whatever he tells us to.

Sadly, he’s likely doing the same… and so is everybody else down the line.

How else can we explain the fact that Americans are deliberately taking pills that cause cancer?

Nobody bothered to stop and think.

Scary stuff.

P.S. Of course, our lawyers advise us to remind you not to toss your pills in the trash or to replace them with heroin. That’d be dumb… and your insurance won’t cover it. Consult your doctor. And then think for yourself.