Exercise Without the Effort

We’ve got a bit of a motto for our life.

“A man can’t just sit around.”

It’s simple and says all it must. But we’ve learned something that has us scratching our head and rethinking our mantra.

It came to us like a freak bolt of lightning while researching for our latest book.

It turns out that a man can just sit around… and it’s actually good for him.

That’s right. Do nothing… get fit.

But you have to do it right. As with most good things in life, there’s a bit of a trick to this lazy man’s exercise routine.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to get right.

Easy Exercise

The news comes to us from a few different sources, including the Mayo Clinic and the University of Eastern Finland.

But no matter who says it, the story is the same. The dry heat of a sauna is good for us. It helps our heart, eases pain, reduces stress and, get this, may even help reduce our chances of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The research is clear… especially when it comes to heart health. The study out of Finland, for example, followed 2,315 men between the ages of 42 and 60 over two decades.

It found that the folks who sat idle in a dry heat sauna two to three times each week were 22% less likely to suffer a life-ending heart attack than those who used a sauna just once each week.

But the news is even better for folks who want to make a bit of a hobby out of just sitting around.

The men from the study who took to a sauna between four and seven times a week were a full 63% less likely to die from a sudden heart attack.

Even more, they had half the odds of dying from cardiovascular disease than the folks who used a sauna just once each week.

The research makes sense.


As we relax in the 185-degree room, our skin temperature rises, our body sweats and our heart beats faster – as much as twice its normal resting rate.

In other words, our cardiovascular system reacts to a sauna nearly the same way it does to a brisk jog around the block.

And it does it, of course, without taxing our joints and muscles.

Working the Brain

The news is equally good when it comes to our brain health.

The same study out of Finland showed that folks who sat in a dry heat sauna two to three times per week were 20% less likely to get Alzheimer’s than the folks who used it just once a week.

And, once again, the men who hopped in the sauna more often saw even stronger results. For the folks who sat in the heat nearly every day, their odds of getting the dreaded disease fell by as much as 65%.

That’s great news.

Of course, we’re not just going to drop our mantra and start sitting around.

That’s not us. And it wouldn’t be right.

While a trip to the sauna surely has benefits, think of it as an add-on to a healthy exercise routine… not a replacement.

That said, we’d be crazy not to take advantage of an “exercise” that boosts our heart health, makes us feel happier and lowers our risk of deadly brain ailments.

Hop in a dry heat sauna for 10 to 20 minutes a few times a week… and get some easy exercise.

It’s a no brainer.

P.S. We’ve got big things on the way when it comes to getting you the latest health Know-How. Not only are we gearing up to go live with our latest book… we’ve also got a few other big projects entering their final stages. It’s getting exciting!