Why the Press Won’t Like Our New Book

We’re quite excited this week.

If all goes well, our latest book will officially hit the shelves.

It’s the latest victory for our little passion project that’s now threatening to be not so little.

This is big.

It’s a book that hits on all angles of the Triad. It spews fresh Know-How. It relies on our deep Connections. And, for the readers who turn over its final page, we promise a sense of Liberty like they’ve never felt.

What brings the biggest smile to our face, though, isn’t necessarily the book.

Don’t get me wrong… its 206 pages are the culmination of more than a decade of research. The book will change lives.

We’re sure of it.

But, believe it or not, there’s more to it than that. You see, publishing this book represents a huge victory for the notion of Liberty.

That’s because we didn’t turn to the “system” to get it published. We didn’t go to some gatekeeper and beg. We didn’t say “Please, won’t you let this get to the masses?”

We didn’t have to.

We started our own press… and told the gatekeeper to stay the hell away.

As we look around, we see our early mornings and late nights come at the perfect time.

Under every rock we lift, we find the truth is in trouble.

Pressing the Press

Take, for instance, the fact that shares of The New York Times Company have been one of the hottest investments of President Trump’s two-year tenure.

Shares of the company are up some 120% since Trump won America’s vote.

The company’s CEO says “intense interest and anxiety about the election” led the company to a surge of 400,000 subscribers more than it expected after Trump got the nation’s nod.

With each new subscriber handing over an average of $40 per quarter… it’s big money for a company that gets nearly two-thirds of its revenue from subscriptions.

And, of course, that CEO wants to keep those subscribers. He’ll lose his job if he doesn’t.

That means he must give the readers what they want… even if it’s not entirely truthful.

Perhaps that’s why the rag’s former Executive Editor Jill Abramson called her old employer “unmistakably anti-Trump” this week.

But the problem goes deeper than media bias. After all, readers can find the bias of their choice just by clicking their mouse on a fresh news site.

The gatekeepers know it. That’s why they’re now flat-out censoring the news.

Can’t Say That

Take a nasty move made by NBC’s Chuck Todd last week.

What he did on his Meet the Press program was disgusting.

He stepped on the neck of the truth and poked it in the eye.

Going against the very nature of his program, the host doesn’t want his viewers to hear all sides of the story – the sacred duty of the press.

No, he (representing the press) says the science behind global warming is settled.

He refused to give any airtime to so-called deniers.

“We’re not going to give time to climate deniers,” Todd said. “The science is settled even if political opinion is not.”

Then Todd hauled out the elites of the political class.

Michael Bloomberg took shots at the president and opened the door for a White House run in 2020.

Former governor of California and global warming activist Jerry Brown laid out his case. He compared the fight today to America’s battle against the Nazis.

And guest scientist Kate Marvel told viewers that Trump needs to “wake up the country, wake up the world.”

It turns out the hour-long debate had very little to do with actual science… and everything to do with politics.

Again, all of this and not a single peep from anybody with a differing opinion.

They weren’t allowed to talk.

Nope… the press deemed them wrong.

The Real Deniers

Readers will flood our inbox with their views of climate change. Some will call us a crazy denier. Others will say we’re crazy for even entertaining the notion of a warming planet.

But here’s the thing… we don’t have our mind made up. We haven’t seen enough data… and we certainly haven’t seen enough unbiased data.

That’s the problem.

The folks who created this problem are the true deniers.

As we’ve said so many times over the last 12 months, everything in this nation has become politicized.

It’s poisoning us. And now it’s slashing at our Liberty.

Only the folks with the “correct” political message are getting the microphone. Everybody else is denied.

That’s dangerous.

That’s why we’re so excited to plop our new book on the table later this week… and give copies away for free.

It’s not political. But it will be controversial.

It represents a huge victory for Liberty.

The book is about our health and the information and secrets that haven’t been shared.

The truth will come out. We won’t deny it.

The gatekeepers can’t do anything about it.


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