Scary News About Cellphones

We’re not the kind to say we told you so, but… um, yeah, we did.

We made waves early last year when we rolled out alarming evidence of the dangers of cellphones. Hundreds of thousands of people viewed our controversial presentation.

It’s not a subject our government wants to talk about. There’s too much money involved.

But the latest study is hard to ignore.

It virtually proves that cancer cells develop out of thin air when tissue is subject to the sort of radiation that’s spewed from our phones.

This new research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is downright scary.

A two-year, $25 million study showed that when rats were blasted with radiofrequency radiation (just like our phones produce), their chances of cancer soared off the charts.

But here’s the craziest part of the new study… the effect was seen only in male rats.


The New Cancer Stick

Not only did the critters exposed to the highest doses of radiation grow rare tumors around their hearts (the first we’re hearing of this effect), but the rats exposed to lower levels also showed “statistically significant” increases in tumors in the brain… pituitary gland… liver… pancreas… adrenal gland… and prostate.

The news backs up previous research that revealed similar findings but was ultimately deemed inconclusive.

It raises all sorts of new questions about the health of what has recently become a national addiction.

But here’s the thing… as scary as this study is, it may be understating the dangers…

That’s because the NIH – like most anything associated with the government – is slow and antiquated. It blasted the rats only with the sorts of frequencies released by phones working on the outdated 2G and 3G systems.

It failed to test the effects of the sorts of signals produced by modern 4G, 4G LTE and 5G networks… the frequencies that our bodies are bombarded with on a near-constant basis.

Because those frequencies are quite different from what was studied and because they’re often much more powerful, the dangers could be worse than the study shows.

This critical flaw in the study overcomes the argument from naysayers who claim the rats were exposed to far more radiation than any human ever would be. These folks fail to acknowledge the increasingly powerful signals that are aimed at our bodies virtually everywhere we go.

We dare folks to try to avoid this sort of radiofrequency radiation. It’s the new secondhand smoke.

Of course, there’s that little nugget that the cancer-generating effects were seen only in male rats.

Researchers have no definitive answer as to why it’s happening. In fact, they appear unwilling to say anything definitive about this groundbreaking study. But they think it may be because the male rats are bigger.

That’s not good… last we checked we had quite a size advantage over a lowly rat.

More to Come

So far, the NIH has released only “partial findings” from its study. The full results will be released in March.

But we bet the fine folks at phone-making companies like Apple and Motorola have seen the findings and are “working” with the government to figure out the best (and quietest) way to reveal the results.

Don’t forget that California (the home of many cellphone makers) was recently forced by a judge to release a draft of proposed cellphone warnings – a warning it didn’t want to release because, in the words of the state’s health department, it may alarm the public.

We beg readers to ponder all this.

We beg folks to ask, “What if?”

If the sort of radiation that’s emitted from our cellphones is enough to cause cancer throughout a rat’s body in less than two years’ worth of testing… what happens if our bodies are blasted with the same poison for a lifetime?

What if the government isn’t telling the full truth?

It’s happened before.

Click here to see our in-depth presentation on this vital subject. It not only reveals the shocking truth (and the cover-up) about the dangers of cellphone radiation, but details how you can virtually sidestep the whole issue and slash your risk. Click here.

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