“Surprising” New Research on Cellphone Radiation (It’s Not Good)

Have we been lied to?

Have we been misled by an industry that’s more concerned with profits than the health of its customers?

It surely wouldn’t be the first time.

The tobacco industry pulled the wool over the world’s eyes for more than a decade before the whispers got too loud to quiet. And just this week, the fine folks at Facebook are taking heat for covering up quite the long-running scandal.

But if you’ve been following our work for the last 12 months, you know we’re tracking something even bigger… a cover-up that runs deep within an industry that’s worth, get this, a half a trillion dollars annually.

It’s no wonder the folks on the inside are trying to kick dust over the growing stream of bad news.

But the whispers are starting to turn into shouts… shouts that we’re convinced the rest of the world will soon hear.

Cancer Scare

We first told of the nasty link between cellphones and cancer last year.

Since then, a growing community of doctors and researchers have been waving their arms, warning consumers to pay attention. Their studies prove something is amiss.

But there is a problem.

Most of the studies until recently were paid for by the cellphone industry. And, imagine this, the instant any sort of bad news erupted, the studies were pulled and the researchers were fired.

It made it tough to explore the truth.

“Everyone knows that if your research results show that radiation has effects, the funding flow dries up,” said Dariusz Leszczynski, a biochemistry researcher at the University of Helsinki, in 2011.

He shouldn’t have said anything.

A year later, his own study was pulled and he was out of a job.

But there’s a fresh study these days that’s outside the reach of “Big Wireless”…

We told readers about it recently.

Here’s what we wrote in February:

This new research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is downright scary.

A two-year, $25 million study showed that when rats were blasted with radiofrequency radiation (just like our phones produce), their chances of cancer soared off the charts.

But here’s the craziest part of the new study… the effect was seen only in male rats.

At that point, the NIH had released only partial results. Why hit us with all the bad news at once, right?

It promised a full report in March.

Well… we got it.


Last week, the top cellular radiation researchers from across the planet flew to North Carolina to discuss the latest findings.

The result?

“Surprising” was the word we saw used most often. There was stunningly clear evidence connecting phone radiation and tumors in the rats tested in the study.

In fact, a panel of leading researchers voted that the results of the testing were “more significant than originally thought.”

“The heart tumors are of a type that have been shown to be elevated in some epidemiology studies of humans who have used their cellphones under the highest power conditions for the longest period of time,” said John Bucher of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

What this new research and the scientific community’s backing of it means for the shady cellphone industry, we don’t know.

But we know it will be big… and expensive.

There are “many brain tumor lawsuits going on right now that are waiting for a study like this to prove that people’s brain tumors were caused by their cellphone radiation,” said Kevin Mottus of the California Brain Tumor Association.

The FDA has now promised to take a look at the data.

Getting Worse

Meanwhile, the nation and its cancer docs are getting ready for a brand-new and far more powerful cellular technology to hit the airwaves this year.

The new 5G system promises to be stronger than anything that’s currently available. But because of the nature of its short-lived signal, it will require more transmitters than the current network.

In other words, if cellphones are causing cancer in humans… we haven’t seen anything yet.

As we double down on the amount of radiation in the air and the power behind it, our health is at greater risk than ever.

Do we think the big cellphone companies are going to tell us about it?

No way.

At least, not until well after folks start dropping over dead.

If Zuckerberg couldn’t admit to a security breach until long after it happened… there’s no way his pals at Apple and the like are going to step in front of this speeding train.

But we will. In fact, we already have.

We recently released a full, in-depth investigation into what’s happening… plus we’ve released what we believe is the ultimate solution. All the details are at this link.

If you or anybody you care about uses a phone daily, you must see what we’ve found.

We’re convinced we’re on the cusp of something big.

We’ve been lied to. We’ve been misled.

But the truth is slowing coming out… one new tumor at a time.

P.S. By our count, 90% of the 200 existing studies that looked at cellphone radiation found a link between our phones and cancer. The scale of this potential pandemic is flat-out scary. There is a fix, but you must take action right away – before it’s too late. Click here for the full details on what to do next.

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