Cancer Scandal at the EPA

A bit of Know-How could save your life.

Most folks have no idea that there’s no process for testing the safety of new products put on the market. They’re surprised to hear that a consumer product can be packed full of new chemicals… and be sold to babies, adults and the elderly before going through any testing.

While drugs and ag products must be tested before they hit store shelves, virtually all other consumer and industrial products are part of a dangerous free-for-all.

That’s because the burden for our safety lies entirely on the backs of bureaucrats at the EPA… not the manufacturer.

That’s right. Only after a new product hits the market is it up to the EPA to test it and determine what sorts of risks the chemicals hold.

Most products never get tested.

In fact, out of the 80,000 products available today, just nine have been banned by the EPA… and all of them were in use and doing severe harm long before the folks in Washington got around to putting a stop to it.

Cancer Scandal

This scary bit of Know-How should have a thinking man scratching his head.

We should all be asking what’s out there that shouldn’t be.

Fortunately, we don’t have to look very far.

What follows is a woeful tale of red tape, needless bureaucracy and government inadequacy. It involves your health… and the fate of somebody else’s money.

It’s a story we’ve covered often (here, here and here, for example) – the unspoken dangers of cellphones.

But there’s a new twist in the tale.


You see, last winter we detailed a groundbreaking study that exposed rats to the sort of radiation that spews from a cellphone each time we make a call.

It’s no surprise the rats got cancer… heart and brain cancer.

But now, two government agencies are fighting over the results.

The National Toxicology Program – which is largely powerless – just increased its official concern over the results.

At first, it said there was “some evidence” of a link.

But it wanted other opinions. That’s why it got outside experts to analyze its findings.

The news we just got from those folks isn’t good.

“We believe that the link between radiofrequency radiation and tumors in male rats is real, and the external experts agreed,” said John Bucher, the toxicology agency’s senior scientist.

You may want to put your phone down.

But the fine folks at the FDA beg to differ.

Those are just rats, it says. There’s no study that proves the same thing would happen to humans.

The agency’s scientists say they want to bring in “more sources of information and data than just these recent tests in rats and mice.”

Fair enough. Perhaps the FDA has some interns who would like to volunteer for the study.

Money Matters

Here’s the craziest part of all this… the update to the story we detail at length in the next issue of Manward Letter (which will be released this afternoon).

At the very same time the FDA refuses to acknowledge the dangers of cellphones, the government is working to change guidelines on just how much radiation is safe for a human.

It’s very convenient timing.

Get this. We recently caught wind that the EPA is working to loosen the nation’s radiation-exposure regulations.

For decades we’ve known that radiation causes cancer.

It’s why everything from X-rays to nuke plants have quite a watchdog looking over them.

But now that the nuke industry is complaining of expensive regulations that are putting its plants out of business… and now that the healthcare industry is good for some 18% of the American economy… and now that Apple is the world’s first trillion-dollar company… the EPA is thinking about changing its tune.

It’s convenient timing… that puts money before health.

After all, if you’ve been reading us long enough, you know that virtually every cellphone made these days comes with a warning hidden deep inside its user manual (that you likely have to download to read).

It says that in order to meet current EPA guidelines, we must never put our cellphones directly on our skin.

The iPhone 7, for instance, is good only if we keep it 5 mm from our skin. The Samsung Galaxy S6 makes the cut only if the phone is 1.5 cm away. And the Google Pixel must be a centimeter from the skin.

But if the deep-pocketed and economically essential industry has its way, the EPA’s new guidelines on radiation could soon be changing those rules… despite growing fears of a link between cellphones and cancer.

Laugh… If You Still Can

What’s even crazier is the agency and the handful of lobbyist-fueled docs it’s working with say that cell-damaging radiation and other known carcinogens may actually be good for us.

That’s right… go wash your hands in gasoline, they infer.

It’ll be good for you.

These cancer-causes act as stressors, they say, that work our bodies in much the same way as exercise.

It’s quite insane.

Again, Manward Letter readers will get the full story in the issue released later today. But our point for this morning is far simpler.

Don’t trust Washington to keep you safe.

It won’t.

It has a long history of letting danger slip into our nation.

If cellphones are killing us… it’ll be years before the folks in Washington do anything about it.

That’s why we recently released an in-depth presentation on the subject and are even mailing a special product to our readers that they can put on their phone. It’s clear that we must fix this problem on our own. Click here for all the details.