Want Some Disease With Your Meat?

Not only is what’s happened in our food industry disgusting and dangerous, but it’s yet more proof that Big Government isn’t nearly as great as it thinks it is.

You may have heard about the scandal that erupted recently in Brazil. But you likely didn’t hear the full story.

It’s alarming.

Dozens of meat inspectors and the companies they work for were busted for taking bribes.

Politicians were in on the crime, too.

They got paid a few extra bucks to turn a blind eye to spoiled or rotten meat… no matter the harm to you.

The police found the cheaters were “approving” meat that was expired and rotten. They even found evidence of chemicals like manioc flour used to mask the smell of decay and rot.

Known as Operation Carne Fraca, or “Weak Flesh” (a biblical reference aimed at the men who couldn’t resist the temptation of some easy cash), the scandal once again proves our point… that you’d better know where your food is coming from.

The system – big as it is – can’t be trusted.


Here’s the thing. The world knew of the unfolding scandal as early as March 17.

Almost immediately, China, Mexico, Chile, Japan, the European Union and Hong Kong took action. They either flat-out banned meat from Brazil or made serious moves to keep it from coming across their borders.

They protected their people.

But Washington… ah, what’s the rush?


It took nearly a week for the American system to take action. And when it did, it merely sent an army of inspectors to right this inspection wrong.

Makes sense… at least if politics is your first priority.

For Americans looking to keep their food safe, though, it was a disastrous move.

In all, some 11% of Brazilian beef was rejected by USDA inspectors.

That’s 1.9 million pounds of meat tossed in the dumpster. (Imagine what had already gone through and into the system.)

With increased eyes on Brazilian imports, USDA inspectors were rejecting meat at a rate 1,000 times higher than the rate for meat coming from other nations.

Even with that news, it took a full three months for American officials to take any real action.

Three months after more than half a dozen other countries entirely shut off imports from Brazil… America joined the herd.

Again, we knew of the scam in March. And yet it wasn’t until June 20 that the U.S. had the guts to suspend all imports from Brazil.


The issues we have with this situation run deep.

We have evidence that American politicians are involved in the scandal… We have proof that tainted meat is still on the market… and that, as long as Big Business and Big Government are colluding, the problem will never go away.

We could write volumes.

In fact, subscribers to Manward Letter will get an in-depth exposé of this situation in their printed September issue.

Right now, though, it’s vital for you to know that the inspection process is flawed.

The set of rules we trust our health and lives to has a very serious problem.

It has a people problem.

As the name of Brazil’s huge police operation implies, humans are made of weak flesh… very weak.

The integrity of our government and the inspectors it hires is the only thing keeping us safe. The judgment of just one or two people is the only thing keeping bad meat out of the mouths of you and your loved ones.

It’d be grand to think the system is fail-safe… that the mission is big enough that honor will prevail… that government chooses people over politics.

But, alas, money is a powerful beast.

Just a few bucks slid under the right tables put the system – and you – at risk.

The greed of one often trumps the fear of many.

It begs a question.

Should you trust somebody else with your food?

One of the latest additions to our farm… a newborn katahdin ram.

You know our answer.

We grow and raise our own.

With more and more stories like this one hitting the presses every day, our microfarm is more and more worthy of its mission. It’s quite busy these days.

Best of all, the only inspector we have to deal with is the same guy who’s penning this essay.

We trust him.

The only time he’s rotten… is when he refuses to say he’s sorry.

Be well,


P.S. We’ve recently debuted shocking research on another scandal that has unfolded quite like the one in the meat market. But what’s happening there won’t just make you sick… it could give you a brain tumor. Click here for the details.

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