Money, Health and Success: The Best Advice of Our Life

Everybody’s a critic these days.

The internet has made it easier than ever for a person to sit behind his keyboard and blast away at those he doesn’t like.

We get it all the time.

With a mission like ours, we knew we would.

“You’re a misogynist,” they claim.

“You’re holding on to old-fashioned and outdated beliefs,” they gripe.

“You’re a hypocrite,” they say. “You talk about wanting to help all your readers build wealth and yet you charge them for your products.”

Some days it’s tough. The shouts of the few seem to drown out the whispers of the many.

It’d be easy to give up. But we don’t.

Here’s why.

(We beg you to pay attention. We bet your story isn’t all that different.)

Hospital Boy

When we were 17 years old, life was hell.

Something was going on with our body. And it hurt. Bad.

It took more than a year, but the docs finally figured it out. We climbed on the operating table and put our life in their hands.

We didn’t have much of a choice.

For the next five days, we lay in a hospital bed with tubes hanging out of all sorts of places they don’t belong.

But the damage was done.

The healing process was long. For months, it was one step back for every two forward.

It was tough being a sick teenager.

We bounced from job to job. We had few close friends. And the future seemed mediocre at best.

The critics were eager to deem us a failure.

But the critics… they don’t know us.

Never Too Tough

You’ve probably said the same thing.

They don’t know the tenacity, the motivation, the energy and the passion that boil beneath the surface.

They don’t know what drives us.

Sure, life got hard. It would have been far easier to give in to the critics and take the low road to failure. We reckon most folks do.

But then we were given some of the best advice of our life. We were told that we are never given anything more than we can handle.

Suddenly the shouts from the critics became fuel for an intensely burning fire.

Within a few years, we were crossing huge milestones off our list. We got featured in magazines, signed a deal with a publisher for our first book, graduated from business school and flew across the country to speak to crowds of investors.

But here’s the thing… this is the tough part to grasp.

The critics weren’t wrong.

We were a loser. We were headed nowhere. And we were lazy.

We’d argue – proudly – that all three are still apt descriptors of the man whose words you read every day.

But that’s not all we were or are.

To believe that would be like believing man’s best friend should be put out of his misery because he’s got a few fleas on his hind .

The fleas don’t make the dog… and the flaws don’t make the man.

No, it’s what we do about those flaws that makes us what we are.

We must recognize our weaknesses, understand they are part of us and then do everything we can to cover them with the calluses of success.

Flea-Bitten… and Proud of It

So when somebody calls us a misogynist for starting this project… we see where they’re coming from and do all we can to share the undeniable truth in our message.

When somebody says we’re holding on to old-fashioned values… we acknowledge their fear and use it to prove why we’re right.

And when somebody writes us complaining about what we charge for our products, we hear what they’re saying and use it as a springboard to better explain the immense value in what we do and why we must charge what we do.

You see, every man has his flaws… just as every dog has his fleas.

The critics are never wrong.

We are guilty of the crimes they pin on us – at least to some degree.

But that’s okay. Because it proves there’s equal truth in the messages from our fans.

“Andy, I appreciate all the hard work you are doing,” one subscriber to our trading service recently wrote. “I have been following your work from the beginning and truly because of you, my 401(k) has turned the corner.”

“Your Liberty Indicator is amazing,” said another. “I made 43% in three weeks.”

“Man, I love Manward Digest! I, truly, can’t get enough!”

“Let me start off by saying, I love what you are doing with this platform. Not sure how I found it but glad I did.”

And perhaps the most powerful message to our point today…

“The way you explain and tell a story is brilliant. You make me think about events in a way I’ve never experienced before.”

They’re not only writing to us – but also writing to that pain-riddled boy who lay restlessly in that hospital bed so long ago.

Listen… we all have critics.

Be glad for them. Like our muscles screaming at the end of a workout, they are what makes us stronger.

There’s just one way to silence them. Get better… get stronger… and cover the weak spots with thick calluses of success.

Remember, nothing is tossed at you that you can’t overcome.

Not even your flaws.

P.S. Readers often write us about one of their biggest flaws… their failure to save enough cash for retirement. Fortunately, it’s an easy flaw to overcome. Our message is simple. Take advantage of every opportunity handed to you. For details on what we believe is one of the very best opportunities right now… click here.

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