The Basic Stock Market “Tell” That Every Investor Should Use

There are few things in life as obvious. It’s clear to even the most casual observers that the difference between financial success and financial mediocrity is the ability to invest.

It’s a skill every man must possess.

It’s not taught in schools (the system doesn’t seem to like success). It isn’t knowledge most dads pass on to their kids. And it’s not something folks bother to teach themselves.

When we launched this passion project of ours in April, it was clear that we had to include a strong investing component. That’s why we launched Manward Trader – a service that aims to bust the chains of mediocrity by exploring faster-moving stocks and options.

The results so far have been tremendous – gains of 325%, 100%, 89%, 142%… and more.

But we’re not here to brag.

No, our point is to show the immense power of possessing just a bit of investing skill.

It’s the simple recipe for financial freedom.

How We Do It

We don’t keep our secret sauce a secret. Manward Trader uses several volume indicators to uncover the best stocks to buy.

It’s a tactic we’ve used since we first started in the business many years ago (back when we scratched our head and felt a whole lot more hair up there).

We use volume because it’s one of the simplest, most honest stock market “tells” out there.

Unlike typical fundamental metrics, volume doesn’t require a whole lot of context.

Things like P/E ratios, balance sheet entries and even growth rates leave a lot of room for interpretation… wrong interpretation.

But volume doesn’t lie. It’s either rising or falling. The majority of folks are either buying or selling.

Think of it this way…

Imagine there are three income-producing rental properties up for auction. The bidding will take place on the same day, at the same time.

We can’t possibly attend all three.

They’re all in the same neighborhood, so we drive by each home to gauge the crowds.

The first property has just four bidders lined up on the front yard. They look bored.

The second property, oh my, they’re parked down the street. The crowd is so big that most folks can’t see the auctioneer.

The third unit is somewhere in the middle. There are a dozen folks on the lawn. They each have a paddle in one hand… and a checkbook in the other.

Which home do you bid on?

The Right Crowd

The lack of bidding volume at the first unit hints at a problem. Markets are efficient. If nobody wants to buy… we probably don’t want to either. Unless we know something nobody else does (which is quite rare in the stock realm), we should stay away.

The second property certainly has the bidding volume. There’s something good about that house. The monthly rent must be huge. But with that sort of crowd, the winning bid is likely to be huge too.

We see it all the time in the stock market. Volume begets volume… until a slew of folks overpay and the whole thing comes crumbling down.

No, it’s that third property that catches our eye.

The crowd isn’t huge, but it’s full of eager buyers. They know that if they can get the property for the right price, it’ll be a great deal.

That’s what we look for in stocks. And it’s why volume is a key indicator. With just a glimpse, we can gauge buying and selling pressure. Nearly instantly we can see if the bidding is getting out of hand or if folks are really onto something good.

Volume indicators help us buy good stocks at the perfect time.

Again, most folks have no idea how simple it can be.

This isn’t knowledge that’s taught in our schools – not with so many politically correct agenda items to check off the list. And it’s not a skill most men inherit.

But it’s a skill that will make you rich.

All men should know how to invest.

That’s why it’s a crucial element of everything we do.

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