Warning: You’ve Been Deceived

Deceit is a cruel beast. Like the fable of a frog in a warming pot of water, it’ll kill a man long before he feels the heat.

Our Mission Is Doomed to Fail Without This

News of a meeting between Martin Scorsese and the Pope has us scratching our head. It forces us to ask: Are we and our not-so-humble mission too late? Are we doomed to fail?

The Trouble With Winning the Lottery

For one person in South Carolina this week, luck will take on a new meaning. If he’s going to survive becoming an overnight billionaire, he’s going to need Lady Luck on his side.

Can You Pass This Simple Quiz? 

Ignorance is quickly becoming the world’s most abundant resource. We can’t walk the street without stepping in a big, hot pile of it.

Mailbag: Fighting for the Truth, Legalizing Marijuana, and Getting Things Done

As Canada moved huge boulders out of the way of marijuana legalization, the topic (and the opportunities) are on plenty of minds.

The Crucial Difference That Changed My Mind on Cannabis

What if a miraculous plant could offer the ability to dramatically help or even cure millions of Americans? Here’s what led to Dr. Phil Roberts’ change of heart on cannabis...

Part Two of Our Interview With a Lunatic

What a ride. Today we continue our conversational journey with Joel Salatin, a man who describes himself as a Christian

Our Interview With a World-Famous Hero of Liberty

We’ve got something different today. You’re going to love it. Instead of us musing about this or that, we’ve got

The Ultimate Time-Management Tool

We’ve long said it’s our biggest enemy. Time. Lots of folks have pondered the subject. Songs have been written about

The Mysterious Thing That Saved One Man’s Life

While researching our latest book, we found a story that perfectly proves the power of our Triad. If you don’t have these three things, nothing else matters.

The Government Is Spending $1.7 Million on What?!

We’ll warn you now. The words that follow are controversial. You may not think so, but a growing contingent of

A Critical Ratio for Heart Health

We’ll keep this quick. It’s critical Know-How that will change the way you look at the food you eat. It may even reduce your chances of a sudden heart attack.