The Trouble With Men

Men today don’t have quite the steel-bending grip that they used to. The reason isn’t much of a mystery... but a weak grip is a symptom of a much bigger problem.

Three Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

If there were ever a time of the year when our Connections are most vital, this is it. Feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression seem to be the newest tradition as we celebrate the holiday season.

Mailbag: A Reader Explains Type 3 Diabetes

Warning... we’re going to contradict ourselves several times in the words ahead. We’ll confuse readers. And our thoughts will meander. But our point will be solid.

Do You Eat Microwave Popcorn? Don’t!

Done right, popcorn is one of the most nutritious and smart foods you can put in your body. Done wrong... and, well, it’s cancerous.

Food Stamp Mess: We Blame Hillary (and Others)

We recently stumbled upon an interesting fact... It involves Hillary Clinton, food stamps and an economic boondoggle larger than the GDP of most countries.

The Bitter Truth About Sugar

There’s a killer on the loose... and the government is just fine with it. In fact, the press is implicit in this deadly epidemic.

Mailbag: Clearing Up Confusion on Organics, Choices and Amorality

We wish everything in life were as black and white as the world tries to make it. The truth is there’s a lot of bunk and there’s a lot of truth.

Congress Just Did What?!

Talk about the choking vines of politics... Washington has finally revealed 540 pages of “improvements” contained in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Our Nation Is in Trouble

We can’t help but compare the mess of vines we chopped apart on Sunday to the tangled political mess that’s weaving its way through our culture.

The Best Way to Play a Bear Market

Readers want to know what the heck they should do with their money right now - if there’s any way to gain from the pain. Good news... There is.

Exposing Deadly Ignorance About Your Health

We’re doing something big... that we think you’re really going to like. Be one of the first to get our new, free e-letter that aims squarely at sharing critical Know-How about your health and well-being.

Better Decision-Making… in Three Steps

We like coffee. We drink it every day. But we can't stand places like Starbucks. Our rationale for that sentiment borders on childish. But hear us out.